2015 Ford Focus RS (320 hp): the new benchmark for the compact sports car. And yes it has all-wheel drive

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There are reasons to be excited. Ford has launched one of the most important sports offensives in its history. And not content with having managed to be the protagonists of the Detroit Motor Show by introducing us to their new Ford GT, they are ready to revolutionize, in a certain way, the category of the most modest compact sports cars, always speaking in relative terms. He Ford Focus RS 2015 It comes to convince us that Ford is willing to be a benchmark brand in the development of sports cars. It comes to silence the most critical voices that once saw, and we saw, that its predecessor had overcome the power barrier that a front-wheel drive can digest. And yes the news is this new Ford Focus RS 2015 – of nothing more and nothing less than 320 hp powerenjoy all-wheel drive.

The Ford Focus RS will develop 320 hp of power, which would place it in the competition for the most powerful sports compact on the market.

A 2015 Ford Focus RS powered by the new Ford Mustang engine. That sounds better than good, don’t you think? Logically, this compact five-door sports car has received the new 2.3 EcoBoost engine, with four cylinders and turbo. With 320 hp of power, this Focus RS enters the league of the most powerful sports compacts on the market. With its four-wheel drive, it will be measured from you to you with the alternatives offered by manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

In a look at its exterior, you will have already noticed that its fins are not as widened, as oversized as in its predecessor. Within the aggressiveness of its front grill, its rear diffuser and its large spoiler, this 2015 Ford Focus RS has also sought a quieter look and in accordance with a compact sports car of a global nature, that is, intended for dealers in all those markets in which there is a Ford presence.

It remains to know the price range in which it will operate in Spain. That is another matter. But it doesn’t take a lynx to notice that Ford has hit the table again. From now on we will talk a lot, long and hard, about this new Focus RS.


Mustang heart and all-wheel drive

320 hp of power, all-wheel drive and torque vector control that promises to eliminate virtually any understeer, even allowing for fun controlled oversteer.

Its heart of Mustang is a 2.3 Ecoboost of 320 hp, with the red line above 6,800 rpm. Ford assures that the new Focus RS will witness a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, with respect to its predecessor, of around 20%. The 2015 Ford Focus RS will be available as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox, with which we are convinced that fun will be guaranteed.

The Four-wheel drive it will add complexity and weight to the whole. That does not admit discussion. But it will also take the Ford Focus RS along new paths in which its agility, its dynamics and the development of its benefits will hardly have anything to do with those offered by its predecessor. The differential used by its predecessor was already complex, and heavy. Opting for all-wheel drive will add more weight, but the difference should not be as noticeable as you would expect in another car.

Its new four-wheel drive system will allow – in the words of the Ford team – eliminate any iota of understeer in this new Ford Focus RS. You will have an active system, a torque vector control, he Dynamique Torque Vectoring, which will always seek the optimal distribution between both axles and will advocate for a greater distribution in the rear axle, to facilitate controlled oversteer, to slide in each curve – as we already saw in a video prior to its presentation – within the circuits . This beast will also have, as standard, some Brembo brakes.


On board, this Ford Focus RS 2015 will not miss any details. It will have Recaro seats, upholstered in leather and Alcantara, with an option to buckets complete, even more sporty and radical than those already seen in the Ford Focus ST (see photo) and a bluish theme in its seams and in the instrumentation. Its equipment will also include the extensive equipment already offered in the Ford Focus 2015 range, such as the SYNC 2 entertainment team.

As standard, the 2015 Ford Focus RS will also feature 19 “alloy wheels and tires. Michelin Pilot Super Sport. And optionally you can take it with semi-slick tires, more focused on circuit driving, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.


The bluish tone of these official photographs, the same Liquid Blue The one in which Ford introduced its entire sports range, including the 2016 Ford GT, in Detroit, will not be available, it will only be used for these show models. But there will be a complete palette of colors, among which will be the Stealth Gray of the ST, a bluish tone very similar to this one called Nitrous blue, black and white, but not the characteristic green Alien of its predecessor.

Source: Ford
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