2016 Chevrolet Camaro: it’s official! The 5 keys to the muscle car of the future according to Chevrolet

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The muscle car They are very topical in Supercars Search Engine Altas Pertasciones. This weekend we offered you our first test of the Ford Mustang and, to complete the play, General Motors presents in Detroit its latest creation, a new generation of the Chevrolet Camaro – and there are already six – that promises big changes, big news. News that we can summarize in one piece of information. As similar as this may be to you new Chevrolet Camaro 2016 to its predecessor, to its fifth generation, you should know that it will only preserve two pieces, everything else has changed, the emblems of the bow tie and the SS version.

1. Design: tradition and modernity

Its external dimensions have been reduced a few centimeters compared to its predecessor. But the Chevrolet Camaro remains unmistakable, more spectacular than ever.

Look at it carefully. No matter where you look at it, the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is spectacular. East muscle car he continues to enjoy that athletic pose that we value so much, that image that makes him recognizable, and unmistakable. The Camaro continues to enjoy a sumptuous hood, a high waist and very wide, thanks to its prominent rear wheel arches. Before following a curious fact, with 4.78 meters in length it is 6 centimeters shorter than its predecessor.

Chevrolet says that despite all this model will enjoy the most worked aerodynamic design in a Camaro, with 350 hours of work in the wind tunnel to reduce the aerodynamic resistance of the LT versions and increase the grip of the more sporty, the SS. That struggle between technology, tradition and modernity is perfectly reflected in the design of a front that preserves a large grille, divided into two heights and highlighted by very narrow headlights that define its inquisitive look.


2. Lightweight and dynamic construction

According to versions, the 2016 Camaro saves up to 90 kilograms, most of which have been reduced in the design of its structure.

According to Chevrolet, in this Camaro the improvement of performance and agility has been one of the great priorities, perhaps looking askance at his compatriots, his arch enemy, the Ford Mustang. According to versions, the new 2016 Camaro saves up to 90 kilograms over its predecessor. Only her naked body has already saved 60.5 kilograms.

Where does the savings come from? Above all, the improvement of the structures and the use of aluminum in key elements, such as the suspensions, or the structure of the dashboard.

Chevrolet also claims that a lot of work has been done on the tuning of the suspensions, on the front MacPherson frames and the rear independent suspensions. Also in the precision of the steering.


3. Big changes, new engines: 2.0 Turbo, V6 and V8

The Camaro will debut a four-cylinder and turbo engine for its most basic and rational version.

You can take a Chevrolet Camaro 2016 with an engine 3.6 V6 of 335 CV, atmospheric and equipped with automatic cylinder deactivation (disconnects two cylinders in low load conditions to reduce consumption by minimizing drag losses). Above, you will continue to have a 6.2-liter 455-hp V8, which will be marketed under the SS seal.

And the great novelty we have in the introduction of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a new 2.0 Turbo 275 hp that will be the heart of the most accessible and rational Camaro. If there is any rationality in the essence of a muscle car.


4. A tech Chevrolet Camaro, even geek

A glance inside is enough to recognize how important it was for Chevrolet to aspire to create a Camaro that was not only technological, but also conveyed that image to the customer. A simple dashboard features a MyLink entertainment team new generation with eight-inch screen. The dashboard is more technological than ever, with a large full-color screen in the center, but preserving the analog instrumentation, tachometer on the left and speedometer on the right.


Chevrolet tells us that its Camaro will offer a new LED ambient lighting system, installed in the doors, the glove compartment, the center console, etc., which we can configure in 24 different colors. It will even have a very freaky functionality, a “car show” mode that will automatically change colors when we leave the car parked.


5. More technology

You can get a Camaro with a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic. The possibility of enjoying adaptive suspensions with technology will also be offered Magnetic Ride and a mode selector that will allow us to modify the management of the direction, the change, the response of the accelerator and the balance of suspensions, with three modes: Snow / Ice, Tour and Sport, and a fourth mode in SS versions: the Track mode.


Enjoy the gallery that accompanies this entry. And believe us. In the coming days, weeks and months we will continue to talk about this new Chevrolet Camaro that will begin production this year at the Lansing Grand River factory in Michigan. A model that, together with the Corvette Stingray, will be the only ones to be officially marketed in Europe after Chevrolet’s disappearance from the continent.

Source: Chevrolet
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