2016 Dodge Viper ACR: Stop the presses! The racing sports car returns, with a street license, par excellence

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The viper strikes again. American Club Racer means a lot to the Dodge Viper. It means enjoying maximum performance, showing all your cards on the table, narrowing the barrier as much as possible between a racing GT and a street supercar. This is how the new is born 2016 Dodge Viper ACR, the heir to such illustrious acronyms. Fastest Street Licensed Viper Ever; a racing sports car with a ten-cylinder engine; atmospheric, of course; and 645 hp of power. Once upon a time there was a Dodge Viper stuck to a spoiler.

Its aerodynamics is GT racing, because at its core it is a street licensed racing car.

Before continuing talking, it is worth telling you the reason for that huge spoiler. The Dodge Viper ACR employs the aerodynamics of a racing sports car. With that aerodynamic kit that is at ground level, with the protrusions of its fenders, and with that huge spoiler, the Dodge Viper ACR may have difficulties to overcome the bumps of the streets of your neighborhood, or even a lot of potholes, but it is capable of reach a downforce weighing 454 kilograms at maximum speed and sticking to the asphalt at each turn to mark its territory, to position itself, most likely, as one of the fastest sports cars on the circuit that has ever received a street license. Do not hesitate.

All its aerodynamics is adjustable, from the spoiler, to the attachments of its bodywork, in some cases even completely removable. Its chassis, which uses competition components, is also adjustable, as well as the height of the suspensions, with a margin of maneuver of up to 8 centimeters.


Under its massive hood, a 8.4-liter V10 engine. 645 hp of power for a block from another era, for a sports car style that we thought disappeared. A beast that returns to remind us of the automotive greatness that still paddles against the tide across the Atlantic. Another detail. The Dodge Viper ACR is and will be manual, using a Tremec TR6060 six-speed gearbox.

Dodge tells us that the Viper ACR has specific tires, a Kumho Ecsta V720 designed for competition. Some tires with which they say you would gain a few tenths, or even a few seconds, compared to other competition tires. With its aerodynamics, and these tires, it is capable of digesting a lateral force of 1.5 Gs when cornering. The weight distribution is close to 50/50. It has ceramic brakes, also specifically designed for this ACR model.

Its creators promise that, if you buy it, you will not be taking a street sports car with potential on the circuit, but a racing sports car that you can take to the street, a beast that in competition could do very good times.

With an eye on the track, Dodge also recalls that the Viper ACR was built to withstand track sessions from sunrise to sunset. The fruit of his experience in resistance.


On board, relative simplicity. The acoustic insulation has been reduced to the maximum, it has a stereo with only three speakers, the carbon fiber seats, of course, have manual adjustments and the carbon fiber floods everything, along with some leather upholstery and Alcantara, especially a lot of Alcantara. What they have not wanted to eliminate has been its screen in the center console, which beyond helping us with the GPS indications, will serve to control some settings and telemetry.

Definitely. The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR is outrageous.

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