24 photos to make you fall in love with the Bugatti Chiron on its US debut

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The Bugatti Chiron has finally crossed the Atlantic Ocean to be presented to its impatient buyers. On the occasion of the celebration of several important motorsport events in the USA, Bugatti has brought the first version of the Bugatti Chiron under North American specification, a model that is presented to us with 24 high resolution photos that will make you fall in love with this supercar, if for some reason you haven’t done it yet.


The Bugatti Chiron’s US debut comes weeks after the first production Chiron units have started rolling. This North American specification also sports a very special configuration in blue carbon fiber that is among the most expensive options of the Chiron. We must remember that for Bugatti, the North American market is one of the most important with 30% of its sales located there.


Bugatti has also announced that at this time they have already exceeded 200 orders for the Bugatti Chiron, a pretty good figure given the youth of the model and the history of the Bugatti Veyron whose sales were not so fast. To date, those more than 200 orders placed means that almost half of the Bugatti Chiron production has already been sold, with special editions and new variants that have already begun to be offered to certain customers.


The configuration chosen for the debut of the Bugatti Chiron in the US is not accidental, using the colors of the brand, blue to cover the carbon fiber of its exterior body, and red to upholster the interior to the last detail.

To refresh the data that makes the Bugatti Chiron great, nothing better than taking a look at its specification sheet. Its 8.0 W16 Quad-Turbo engine develops 1,500 hp maximum power and 1,600 Nm of maximum torque. Thanks to these figures, the Bugatti Chiron is able to perform the 0-100 Km / h in less than 2.5 seconds and reach the self-limited 420 km / h. At this point it is fair to highlight that the Bugatti Chiron has not yet shown everything it is capable of, in speed we speak, because we will have to wait until 2018 to know the new speed record that the Bugatti Chiron wants to beat, unleashing all its technology to caress 460 or 470 km / h.


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