280 horses for the Alpine sports car: Alfa, the enemy comes from France

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280 horses for the Alpine sports car: Alfa, the enemy comes from FrancePorsche Cayman or Alfa Romeo 4C? We compare the Alfa Romeo 4C with the rest of the alternatives.

New chapter prior to the arrival of the next one sports of Alpine. The resurrection of the French firm does not stop leaving us clues and more clues before its definitive debut, before its baptism in an international salon. Now, from the British media, who seem to be keeping an eye on Alpine’s next creation, we get new details. Including what appears to be your final power figure.

280 horses They will be seen under the body of the new Alpine sports figure, which together with the many other virtues already mentioned about this Alpine make us predict a beautiful duel with the recently presented Alfa Romeo 4C. 240 horses for the Italian. 280 horses for the French … without forgetting the Porsche Cayman, with 275 horses.

Do you want to know the latest details of the Alpine sports car? Join us.

Its engine: rear, 4-cylinder, supercharged and with 280 horses

280 horses for the Alpine sports car: Alfa, the enemy comes from France

Both since Auto Express as from Coach the final figure of 280 horses. Power higher than previous rumors that pointed to 250 horses and that would also place it above the Alfa Romeo 4C and from Porsche cayman, its main rivals. 280 horses that would arrive, according to the latest rumors, from the hand of a block of 4-cylinder, supercharged, 2-liter, a configuration that despite having a larger displacement, is quite similar to that of the Alfa Romeo.

This block will be located behind the heads of the two occupants, delivering power to the rear axle in a set expected to be around the 1,000 kg. As they point from Coach transmission had not been decided yet, which could well be a 6-speed manual gearbox or a dual-clutch transmission. Recall that the Alfa Romeo has a double clutch box, Will the French stand out by offering a manual alternative or will they follow in the footsteps of the Italian?

Slight classic brushstrokes in its design

280 horses for the Alpine sports car: Alfa, the enemy comes from France

Who doesn’t like the Alpine A110? To think of Alpine is to immediately think of the spectacular line of the A110. Elegant and very sporty, a French 911. With the concept, the heritage of the A110, an inheritance that will be reflected in the definitive model in features such as optics, nose, roof drop or side wings. As noted Carlos Tavares, Renault boss, the design of the production model, of the final Alpine, is already 70% Anyone else wanting to see a faithful modern reinterpretation of the A110?

Tavares has spoken on other occasions directly about “A certain retro air” pointing to the good work done with the Mini or with him Fiat 500.

Caterham and Alpine: united yes, but different

280 horses for the Alpine sports car: Alfa, the enemy comes from France

The development of the Alpine sports car, which still has no name, is taking place alongside Caterham. As a result of this development, in addition to the resurgence of Alpine, we will experience the arrival of a new sports car in Caterham. In each statement, in each leak that has been made since the collaboration was announced, it has been emphasized that the two models will be differentiated.

Will the Caterham be more radical? We could hope so, especially considering that Renault has taken the Mazda MX-5 as a reference in terms of a compromise between sportiness-radicalism and comfort. But also, now, Autocar points out that the Caterham could count on a Toyota origin engineAlthough we remain cautious with this detail, on previous occasions it has also been said that they would share an engine, something that seems more evident. Last but not least, they will have a differentiated design, “It will not be a simple change of insignia”.

“A few thousand a year” with a price of about 60,000 euros

280 horses for the Alpine sports car: Alfa, the enemy comes from France

Tavares is quite cautious with the details of this new Alpine, but has already pointed out that Alpine production volume will be “a few thousand a year”, which again makes us automatically think of Alfa Romeo, which will produce 2,500 units a year, of which 1,000 will be for Europe.

Its price is estimated at about 60,000 euros, so the rivalry with the Alfa Romeo only becomes accentuated with each new detail. Again, in this strip we have the Cayman and the Boxster, Will the French and the Italian be able to overshadow the veteran of the category? His arrival is estimated at 2016 with a conceptual model that will appear a year before, in 2015.

Source: Coach | Auto Express
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