4 secrets of the new Ferrari 488 GTB that nobody has been able to tell you

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When the new Ferrari 488 GTB was unveiled, a server had a bit more luck meeting the new creature live. The new Ferrari sports car is an evolution of the 458 Italia and Speciale, and in its renewal it has found numerous modifications to win in all sections, not only against its rivals or its predecessors, but also before an audience that expected a lot from it new Ferrari 488 GTB. The information made public is still scarce, and therefore Today I want to tell you 4 secrets to understand the keys to the complex project 142M whose destiny is none other than to take over from one of the best Ferrari in the history of the horse.

New engine A missed opportunity?


3 seconds to 0-100 Km / h, 8.3 seconds to reach 200 km / h from standstill… although these figures seem sufficient argument to proclaim that the Ferrari 488 GTB is a worthy successor to the Ferrari 458 Italia, the truth is that there is one aspect that does not stop drawing attention in the renewal of this key model. This 3,902 cubic centimeter V8 engine has a lot to prove against the magnificent 605 hp naturally aspirated V8 installed in the Ferrari 458 Speciale.

760 Nm: more torque available than in a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

With 670 hp of maximum power at 8,000 rpm and 760 Nm from just 3,000 rpm (the 458 Speciale reaches 540 Nm while a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta throws 690 Nm …), the Ferrari 488 GTB has put a true work of art on the market as for turbocharged engines. However, at Ferrari they have missed the opportunity of electric superchargingtechnology that they have known and developed for a long time in collaboration with the Japanese specialist IHI. The motives? the addition of an additional electrical system, 48 volts, compromises weight, but above all compromises reliability in this type of vehicle.

Had it chosen the electric supercharger, it could have been done if it had wanted, Ferrari would have taken advantage of its best opportunity, since it would have brought to the market a solution that other manufacturers are already evaluating for sale between now and 2016.

SSC 2: the real key behind the Ferrari 488 GTB


Despite not being among the most commented elements when evaluating the Ferrari 458 Speciale, the system Side Slip angle Control It is a key and fundamental piece in this model. From its control is extracted the extraordinary cornering of the Speciale, being able to roll to the limit with a truly astonishing simplicity.

It will be faster in the straight, but the real improvement will be in the corner

Now the Ferrari 488 GTB debuts an evolution of this system, the SSC 2. While in the first generation the system acted on the F1-Trac traction control and the E-Diff controlled rear differential, in this second generation the management of the magnetoreological and active suspension, new CPU and ESP 9.0 is added, allowing the joint work shock absorbers to reduce swaying and improve load distribution when moving masses and managing support changes. It seems that for a sports car with a central engine and good weight distribution (46.5: 53.5), interconnecting shock absorbers does not make much sense, but when it comes to dosing high torque in fast turns, the new evolution of the SSC is what you can mark distances with models like the McLaren 650S and the Lamborghini Huracán.


Ferrari has given us data on how fast the Ferrari 488 GTB is on the straight, but believe me if I tell you that the essence of this model will now be how fast it is in the most twisty areas, attest. The cocktail fruit of mixing high torque and better control over lateral acceleration and yaw angle will lead us to a more efficient car, especially when it comes to sinking the accelerator pedal. Here it is clear that electronics will already play an important role, if not more, than the tuning of the chassis. It is a lot of maximum torque, although with a trick.

Why an automatic gearbox with variable torque management?


If the change of propeller in the Ferrari 488 GTB is important, the revision of the transmission group is even more important which will have to transfer the new engine torque to the asphalt. The new developments, in combination with the different driving modes available through the Manettino, the F1-Trac and the E-Diff, put the new Ferrari 488 GTB on the asphalt a different torque figure depending on the gear ratio. Getting to squeeze the 760 Nm of maximum torque will only be possible in seventh gear, in lower ratios the torque will be lower and the response will therefore be different.

The new automatic transmission of the Ferrari 488 GTB has a trick

Ferrari has once again forgotten to explain in detail how the variable torque management of the new dual-clutch automatic transmission works manufactured by Getrag. As already happened in the case of the Ferrari California T, the maximum torque data revealed corresponds to a figure (760 Nm) that is only reached in seventh gear. With this, and waiting to know the gearbox and differential ratios, I can only tell you that the maximum power and torque values ​​will only be available in the highest ratio.

The gossips say that the dosage of the engine torque only responds to the need not to push the chassis and the transmission group to the limit … with a weight that in running conditions should be around 1,480 kilograms (1,370 Kg dry) and a revised aluminum chassis with respect to the Speciale (the last of this type), the official version tells that the Ferrari 488 GTB seeks to offer progressivity in the response of the new turbo engine through this system. McLaren pointed out that the fact of not having a carbon monocoque is a handicap in this type of vehicleEven so, the costs of this design with respect to the improvement in torsional stiffness still do not convince Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini, and there are equally critical points with a better cost / performance ratio. Suspensions without going any further.

Unfortunately there is a lack of technical data to know, but I promise you that when they are, if Ferrari decides to reveal them that I doubt, we will do a calculation work to completely bare the new design of the guys from Maranello.

Throttle sound and response


With the Ferrari 488 GTB, the brand’s engineers had the great challenge of improving the 458 Italia, evolving what they had learned with the Speciale and beating McLaren on their own ground. Repeating the sound of the 458 Speciale or 430 Scuderia was impossible Unless the fashionable synthesizers were used, luckily for us Ferrari does not even want to hear about this trend. Therefore, the work had to focus on how the turbochargers should abandon that “plug” condition for the exhaust gases.

Less lag than a California T and very close to the response offered by the 458 Speciale

With conditioned exhaust gases, the end result will never be similar to that of an atmospheric one, neither by tone, nor by power. If you have to look for references, it is best to go to the Ferrari 288 GTO and Ferrari F40, clearly the starting point of the sound of the new Ferrari 488 GTB. A different tune for a car that marks an important turning point.

The Twin Scroll design meets the needs for delay in response. With the cylinders arranged in pairs, the connection to the turbocharger prevents the rebreathing of exhaust gases for the cylinders in the intake phase, a problem that would affect the pressure of the gases on the turbine. Ferrari has still decided to go one step further, focusing on the use of new bearings and new materials such as Titanium to limit friction and heat losses. If the delay of the California T was around 0.9 seconds, in the case of the 488 GTB it has been reduced to 0.8 seconds, thus remaining very close to the 0.7 high that the 4.5 V8 of the 458 Speciale signs. The icing on the cake would have been to add that coveted electric compressor, perhaps a variable geometry turbo like Porsche does, but Ferrari for now has decided to let that train go by.

Don’t stray too far, Geneva is already just around the corner, and knowing that deliveries of the new Ferrari 488 GTB will begin in the summer, at Supercars Search Engine we have already got down to work to get our hands on the new Maranello sports car.


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