40 things you need to know about the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport

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He Volkswagen Golf GTI turns 40 and to celebrate it Volkswagen has created a special edition that, under the name of Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport, offers us, in short, more power. There was a gap between Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance and the Volkswagen golf r, now this Clubsport is in charge of filling it, offering us one more alternative in that extensive family of sports models that are in the Golf range. For the occasion we have prepared a list to match and in homage to those 40 years that have passed since the first GTI we have 40 keys you have to know about the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport:

1.- The Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport will go on sale at the beginning of 2016 to honor the launch in 1976 of the first Golf GTI.

2.- Then, in 1976, Volkswagen planned to produce only 5,000 units. To date, about two million units have been sold over the 7 generations of the Golf.

3.- Volkswagen also launched special editions to honor the 20th, 25th, 30th and 35th anniversary of the Golf.

4.- It is the most powerful GTI of all time. Although not the most powerful Golf of course.

5.- Easily recognizable. In addition to having a new bumper, it has a larger spoiler that gives it away, its roof is finished in black, to match the rear-view mirrors and, as if that were not enough, a black stripe with the name “Clubsport” appears on the side sills. The rear windows are darkened as standard, it has a new diffuser and the tailpipes also receive a new treatment.


6.- That rear wing and the new bumper are not put on by simple design. They both meet a aerodynamic function improving the stability of this GTI.

7.- Its rims are of specific design. They are 18-inch in size, are forged and offer a weight of up to 3kg less compared to conventional alloy wheels. Its measurements are 225/40 R18.

8.- You also have it with 19 inch wheels with measures 235/35 R19.

9.- Standard has tires Bridgestone. 19 inch version mounts Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.


10.- Of course there are also changes inside. The seat belts have red stitching, there are specific spheres in their instrumentation, the gearbox gaiter and door trims are covered in Alcantara and a sports steering wheel also appears finished in Alcantara with red stitching and a red mark on the upper part. .

11.- But … And the seats? They have a specific design for their upholstery and optionally (at least for the German market) we find a supply of baquets.


12.- Let’s start with its mechanics. Under its hood is the already known 2.0 TSI, 4 cylinder supercharged … and 265 horses power from 5,350 to 6,600 rpm, with a torque of 350 Nm from 1,700 to 5,300 rpm.

13.- This is 35 more horses than a “normal” Golf GTI, but surprisingly it has the same torque until …

14.-… until we step on the accelerator and the boost function leaves us with 290 horses for 10 seconds, increasing its torque during this period to 380 Nm. To use it we will have to have the Sport mode selected and the S in the gearbox in the case of the DSG version. After 10 seconds of use and after waiting another 10 seconds, we can use it again.


15.- During this “Boost” function, the Clubsport has the same pair as the Golf R.

16.- And yes, the Clubsport, like the R or the GTI, is available both with Manual gearbox as with a DSG transmission. If there is something in the sports range of Golf, it is variety.

17.- The DSG version has a mode Launch Control.


18.- In this mode the Boost function and therefore the 290 hp, are available for 20 seconds. In addition, of course, the traction is adequate.

19.- To activate Launch Control mode: from standstill you have to press the ESC button to deactivate the ASR, step on the brake pedal with your left foot, put the gear in S, accelerate to 3200 rpm and release the brake.

20.- Power is transmitted to the front axle. All-wheel drive is reserved for the R.

21.- To transmit such power to this axis, we resort to an electronically controlled mechanical differential.

22.- We saw this differential for the first time in the Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance.

23.- In the cycle part we find new springs and new bumpers for the shock absorbers, although its height does not vary with respect to the normal Golf GTI, being 15 mm lower than a Golf.


24.- These new springs are 10% firmer.

25.- Optionally we can equip it with the electronic adaptive suspension DCC.

26.- Brakes and track gauge have remained unchanged.

27.- There are changes in the position of the stabilizer bar to improve rear end agility and improve front axle traction.


28.- As in the normal GTI, the stability control can be configured in a Sport mode.

29.- Let’s talk about benefits. Both the manual and the DSG mark a 0 to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds, reaching a top speed of 250 km / h.

30.- It is therefore 1 second slower than Golf R.

31.- And its consumption? The Clubsport approves a consumption of 7 l / 100 km for the manual version and 6.9 l / 100 km for the DSG version.

32.- Refueling will be a little more expensive. The Golf GTI Clubsport works with 98 octane gasoline.


33.- How much does the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport weigh? 1,300 kg in the case of the manual version, 1,320 kg in the automatic variant, taking the two-door version as a reference in both cases.

34.- We know its price for the German market. In German lands it will depart from 34,500 euros.

35.- Taking into account the price of the Golf GTI and the Golf R we can estimate a starting price for Spain of about 37,000 euros. We already told you in the article “What should the price of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport be?””.


36.- It will be marketed for a limited time, although it has not been specified how much that time will be or the number of units.

37.- Regarding equipment There is no lack of bi-xenon optics, LED lights for the rear optics and the license plate, ambient lighting, dual zone climate control, rear parking assistant …

38.-… and a standard 6.5-inch touch screen commanding the multimedia system. Optionally, you can use better infotainment systems, including one with an 8-inch screen.

39. Rivals? How about the Peugeot 308 GTI? It starts at 32,200 euros in the case of the 270 horsepower version and Peugeot has already shown us its good know-how in terms of set-ups. Taking into account the approximate price that the Clubsport will have, we cannot lose sight of a Honda civic type r that with 310 horses starts from 34,500 euros. Nor can we forget about SEAT Leon Cupra, now with 290 horses and a starting price of 33,600 euros.

40.- And … Will there be any more sports Golf in this generation? Previous rumors had spoken of a production Volkswagen Golf R 400 dating it in 2016 as the last evolution of this Golf before the generational change, for now it is a mystery, even more so after the emissions scandal.



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