435.3 km / h: the new Hennessey Venom GT speed record

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What is the fastest car in the world? So far it was the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, with a dizzying 434 km / h of top speed. From Hennessey they are determined to snatch the speed record from Bugatti, and just a few days ago they seem to have achieved it. In a great display of American patriotism, the Texas coach announced that he had broken the speed record with his Venom GT. The amount: 435.3 km / h in a road legal production car. The last two sentences require a deep qualification, by the way.

But first of all, “to the mess.” The speed record was broken on the runway of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, on the same runway that has been used for the landing of the space shuttles of the POT. A gigantic track almost 5.5 km long, on which the Venom GT has been able to unleash its 1,244 hp of power. The car was unable to take advantage of the entire track as it started from a standstill and had to leave a safety margin to be able to brake at the end of the track. It could have been even faster.

435.3 km / h: the new Hennessey Venom GT speed record

Hennessey Venom GT: an Elise with a Texas accent

The power-to-weight ratio of the Hennessey Venom GT is 1 kg / CV, lower than that of many sports bikes.

The Hennessey Venom GT They start life as a simple UK-built Lotus Elise. They are sent to John Hennessey’s workshops in the heart of Texas, where they are modified to the point of seeming unrecognizable. Leaving the structure of the cabin safe, everything changes. A huge rear subframe is added and the body widened, giving the car a comic book look. All this so that little Elise can house the gigantic 7.0 engine V8 LS7 of General Motors origin that Hennessey has decided to dock with.

A V8 that delivers 505 hp as standard but has been double turbocharged – and internally modified – to deliver an incredible 1,244 hp. A figure sought with the aim of a weight-to-power ratio of 1 kg / hp. With active aerodynamics and disproportionate power, this missile can accelerate to 300 km / h in just 13.63 seconds, provided the pilot is adept enough with its six-speed manual gearbox. Blessed disproportion of a car, which could only be of American origin.

But the Veyron Super Sport is still the fastest car in the world

At least according to the conditions imposed by Guinness World Records, and if we believe in its technicalities. John Hennessey’s dream has therefore been half fulfilled. First, Guinness requires one pass out and one pass back on the same track to compensate for winds. According to Hennessey, the wind was only 5 km / h and the Kennedy Space Center only allowed one pass one way, after months of negotiation. Second, Guinness requires that the vehicle be strictly production.

What does Guinness mean by production? A vehicle of which at least 30 units have been produced during its life cycle. The Hennessey Venom will have a circulation of 29 units, of which 11 units have been produced to date. Therefore, Guinness cannot certify this speed record, even though Racelogic certifies the maximum speed achieved by Gps. All in all, let’s bear in mind that the speed difference between the Venom and the Veyron Super Sport is only one kilometer per hour, a ridiculous difference at these types of speeds.

435.3 km / h: the new Hennessey Venom GT speed record

A single kilometer per hour that could be attributed to weather conditions, or the track. Although Hennessey’s record is not validated by Guinness, it is still an impressive achievement. What I would like to see the performance of the Venom GT on the Ehra-Lessien track, a gigantic circuit with a straight of 9 kilometers, in which you can even make an entry thrown up to 200 km / h thanks to a strong bench in the previous corner. Maybe then the Venom surprised us even more.

There is only one “but”, the German track is owned by the Volkswagen Group, which I do not think is for the task of leaving a “simple trainer” that threatens the superiority of his Veyron …

Source: Hennessey Performance
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435.3 km / h: the new Hennessey Venom GT speed record


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