5 keys to fall in love, in case you haven’t already, with the Honda Civic Type R

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The new Honda Civic Type R perfectly represents that power escalation in which we are immersed, leaving us with a front-wheel drive compact developing a power of 310 horses, but we can think of, in addition to this turbo mechanics, a good list of reasons for which the new performance variant of the Honda Civic has fallen more than grace.

More wood! Your spoiler will give you away

The 2015 Honda Civic Type R has a starting price in Spain of 34,500 euros. There is also a more equipped alternative for 37,000 euros.

The SEAT León Cupra or the Peugeot 308 GTI have opted for the path of discretion, the Honda Civic Type R instead has chosen the aesthetic path of exaggeration and offers us ventilated and widened wheel arches, a new front splitter reaffirmed in red and above all a rear that highlights its spoiler and diffuser, correspondingly spiced up by the four exhaust outlets.

The bad news in this regard, about its design, falls on that spoiler that Honda showed us in the conceptual model, a more complex spoiler through which part of the optics also ran.

Those baquets inside …

If on the outside an aesthetic course has been chosen where there are no shortage of wild-cut additions on the inside, Honda has not fallen short and has given the Civic Type R a couple of buffers that could not be left out of this list. Red, beautifully designed …

Of course the condiments of the passenger compartment are not only reduced to these seats. There are red stitching, a new gear knob …

Bringing V-TEC into a new era:

For those who prefer a more discreet mount, the Peugeot 308 GTI or the León Cupra have the solution.

Under the hood of the Honda Civic Type R a necessary revolution has occurred. Goodbye to its naturally aspirated engine condition, hello to supercharging, finding ourselves with a V-TEC Turbo with 2 liters of displacement that beats the front wheels at the rate of 310 horsepower, reaching a torque of 400 Nm and making a notable difference in terms of power with models such as the 280-horsepower SEAT León Cupra or the Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R.

Of course we cannot forget about your gearbox … a manual gearbox! The Porsche 911 GT3 itself has resorted to a dual-clutch transmission, the Civic Type R has resisted … and yes, we are glad of it.

Fundamental: your cycle part

Under the skin of this new Honda Civic Type R not only lives a mechanical revolution in the form of V-TEC Turbo, we also find a cycle part where Honda has endowed this vitaminized Civic Type R with an adaptive suspension, a new stabilizer bar capable of increasing the stiffness of the rear end by an exaggerated 180% (in figures from Honda itself) and brakes signed by Brembo. In addition, the tires, mounted on 19-inch wheels, are also of a specific invoice.

He has already seen the faces with the Nürburgring and …

The Civic Type R already has a time of 07:50:63 at the Nürburgring. This time was recorded without fully production specifications.

I am one of those who do not value the tenths of difference in a 0 to 100 km / h too much, of those who give infinitely more weight to the sensations than to the times … but of course, we cannot forget about the madness for the times from green hell and the Honda Civic Type R has already set the best time for a front-wheel drive on this circuit … although there is a but.

The time, of 7 minutes, 50 seconds and 63 tenths, is better, considerably better, than that of the Mégane RS Trophy-R, currently the author of the record for a front-wheel drive car, although we must bear in mind that this time was made with a car that was not fully production. It lacked air conditioning, the passenger seat and audio equipment, although it did have an anti-roll bar that compensated, in weight, for the absence of these.

To learn more about the Honda Civic Type R …

If you want to know more details about the new Honda Civic Type R, don’t miss the article “2015 Honda Civic Type R, all the details: 310 Japanese horse fury””. In addition you can also read our test in the article “The turbo comes to Honda! We tested the most radical Honda Civic Type R ever. ”

Civic Type R Pan-European launch


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