5 keys to the Detroit Motor Show: concept SUVs, sports cars, Japanese saloons …

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A week has passed since the maelstrom of Detroit living room. The incessant arrival of models that accompanies every room has already subsided and the temporary distance allows some reflection on what happened there while the arrival of news now gives way to post-salon rumors.

The time that has elapsed allows us to now make a brief review of the key points that we have found in this room where the Japanese presence has gained special weight, where the SUV, where we have been able to know the new steps from Mercedes with the Mercedes CLA and the renewed E-Class and of course sportiness, signed by the new generation of Chevrolet corvette and for him Sling NSX.

Chevrolet Corvette: the seventh generation of the SPORTS American

5 keys to the Detroit show

5 keys to the Detroit show Know all the details of the new Chevrolet Corvette

We can safely consider that the Chevrolet Corvette has been the star of the Detroit Motor Show. In the North American event, after months of advances and leaks, we have been able to meet the seventh generation of the Chevrolet Corvette, a new generation that recovers the Stingray name to leave us with a complete change with respect to the Chevrolet corvette c6 (don’t miss our test of the Chevrolet Corvette).

He Chevrolet corvette c7 part of 450 horses by the hand of a 6.2-liter V8. Has a couple of 610 Nm delivered to the rear wheels, managing to mark a 0 to 100 km / h in about 4 seconds. But since not everything is an engine, aesthetically the Corvette has taken a big step, a step towards a front with a european design language, while maintaining all the muscle we could expect from a Corvette. We cannot ignore its interior either, where it has occurred a real and welcome improvement. More equipment, everything focused on the driver, better finish, better appearance, more technology … Without a doubt, the star of the Detroit Motor Show.

Mercedes CLA– Going for a new segment of premium compact saloons

5 keys to the Detroit show

5 keys to the Detroit show Don’t miss any of the Mercedes features CLA

The saloon derived from the Mercedes A-Class has not wanted to wait for a European show to be presented in society directly from the Detroit Motor Show. A spectacular design, following the new young and dynamic pattern released by the A-Class that also comes accompanied by another evolution in Mercedes, that of the new Mercedes E-Class and the Mercedes E 63 AMG, which comes with the possibility of having 4Matic all-wheel drive and introducing us to the concept of Model S, an alternative within the range AMG more powerful and associated exclusively with all-wheel drive.

With a drag coefficient of 0.23Mechanically, the Mercedes A-Class has the same scheme already seen in the Mercedes A-Class. The range of this compact saloon with coupés tints starts from the Mercedes CLA 180 with 122 horses, arriving at the moment, until the arrival of the version AMG, to the 211 horses with the Mercedes CLA 250. Its commercialization will start in Europe from April 2013.

SUV: large, compact and conceptual, SUV for all

5 keys to the Detroit show

The SUV. That unstoppable segment. Segment that does not stop registering news, to which all the signatures have been uploaded. The segment that remains registered some stability in Europe in the middle of the crisis in the sector. Segment that undoubtedly had a wide representation at the Detroit Motor Show. Local, European, Japanese representatives …

Volkswagen has been present in a conceptual way with the Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept, a great SUV almost 5 meters, 6 seats and featured with a plug-in hybrid set of 305 horses. But it has not been the only one SUV conceptual. From the hand of Honda we have met the attractive Honda Urban SUV Concept, while Acura has delighted us with the Acura MDX. Lincoln playing at home has introduced Lincoln MKC Concept and Nissan to which it could be called to become the replacement of the Nissa Murano, the Nissan Resonance Concept.

Japanese saloons: the duel between the Infiniti Q50 and the Lexus IS

5 keys to the Detroit show

The two new Japanese sedans that have been presented at the Detroit living room. Rivals to each other, rivals for the German trident and both completely renewed debuting at the Detroit Motor Show. The Lexus IS and the Infiniti Q50 they have arrived and it seems they have liked, Will they be able to carve a bigger niche in the market?

With a fresh look in both cases, even with a new name in the case of Infiniti Q50, which arrives to take over from Infiniti G37, both the Lexus and the Infiniti with a fairly even design, debut hybrid versions, of 217 horses in the case of Lexus IS and of 360 horses in the case of Infiniti Q50.

Sling NSX: a classic bet for your interior

5 keys to the Detroit show

Honda already introduced us in 2012 to its new NSX. The return of the myth, the return of a legend, of a whole japanese sportsmanship icon. In 2013 they have not wanted to miss the North American appointment and the Sling NSX has been present again, but not the same as in 2012. Honda has presented slight changes in the conceptual model changes that have also come accompanied by the first pictures of the interior of this new Honda NSXand go inside.

Honda bets on a classic scheme in the interior design of this new NSX. A scheme that goes through simplicity, at least is more. A screen in the center console as the only element of it. Carbon fiber, Alcantara and leather Isn’t this cabin just sublime for a sports car? Who wants more? Mechanically the NSX remains faithful to the scheme presented in 2012. A V6, three electric motors, a double clutch transmission and 7 relations … The only downside is that we will have to wait until 2015.

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