5 reasons why I will always choose a Jaguar F-Type and not a Porsche 911

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Since the Jaguar F-Type hit the market, its main enemy and reference has been none other than the Porsche 911. The rivalry exists, and the comparison seems to have every reason to be repeated over and over again. Thus, a server is going to get wet up to the neck and is going to offer you a very personal vision of why a Jaguar F-Type will always rest in my garage and not a Porsche 911.

Design: passion and reason have never been more in conflict

5 reasons why I will always choose a Jaguar F-Type and not a Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 speaks of history in every stroke, in every detail, in every revolution that marks its tachograph. This fact is one of the reasons that make the 911 great in each generation, keeping faithful that unmistakable stamp, even so, Jaguar has managed to put into production one of the most beautiful concepts that have been presented in recent years. Some Porsche fans describe the F-Type to me as a nice wrapper for an old-fashioned concept, I can’t believe it.

He Jaguar F-Type transmits, through the master strokes of Ian Callum, how it should be an old school sports car. With such an infinite nose that it forces the passenger compartment to be delayed until it runs into the rear suspensions. Its coupé body, almost more beautiful than the convertible variant, enjoys an even better rear than its front. Voucher! here the historical memory of the Jaguar E-Type is more diffuse, but its essence is recognized without trying too hard.

The F-Type is cheeky, it turns heads, its provenance british it is totally unrecognizable.

Mechanics: Porsche is better, but Jaguar is my choice

5 reasons why I will always choose a Jaguar F-Type and not a Porsche 911

I will not be the one to blame Porsche’s technique, and even less of its six-cylinder boxers. If the Porsche 911 is considered the best sports car in history, it will be for something, and that is that at Porsche they know how to play with that magic that only they know. A magic capable of combining efficiency and high performance to adjust to the demands of each client, regardless of their creed or condition. The Porsche 911 Carrera S is the best definition of a sports car for every day: fast, easy to drive and extremely effective… which is why I prefer the 381 hp Jaguar F-Type V6.

If the atmospheric Porsche is so good, why choose a supercharged V6? In the F-Type no compromises or good manners have been sought, its engines do not appear in the Top Five of the Engine Awards, but they have plenty of character. I certainly think that whoever wants to get hold of an F-Type is not considering a Porsche and vice versa.. It is a personal opinion, but of course, for tastes …

Despite having similar powers (400 CV Porsche and 381 CV Jaguar), which does not form, in the F-Type we find an extra spice based on torque and a temperamental automatic transmission, the powertrain likes to combine subtle losses of traction with delicious explosions in the exhaust. Simply spectacular, and that there is still a superior engine, a 5.0 V8 with compressor and 500 or 550 hp of maximum power.

Feeling: when it comes to drawing smiles

5 reasons why I will always choose a Jaguar F-Type and not a Porsche 911

We reached the hot spot that motivated me to write these lines: sensations, feeling … Whatever you want to call it, that final trigger that makes you discover that you have fallen in love with one car or another, not because of what their specification sheets say, but because of everything they tell you when you get behind the wheel.

This is where I most clearly have to in a Porsche 911 I am missing something, without really knowing what, but I find that emptiness despite a rear axle with character. It will be his high effectiveness, his good reactions even failing on purpose, his precise and millimeter touch that give him all the ballots to win if I put aside everything passionate. I am missing something, and although that something is quite concealed in the GT3 o Turbo, it still exists for me.

But it’s time to slip into the tight cabin of the Jaguar F-Type. There is not as much space here as in the 911 and some materials do not offer as much pleasure, but you just trace the first curves, his driving position is discovered as unbeatable for everything it offers to the senses. To begin with, few sports cars offer such a sensation of speed, its steering transmits and weighs, while its rear is the one that treasures a myriad of frolics that make each ride a non-stop of smiles at the mercy of a car born to oversteer.

And what about the sound? The heavenly sound of Porsche atmospherics transforms into a hiss with the thunderous roar of the F-Type, especially in the V8, where its addictive gurgling will bring you more of a legal problem. Each reduction in gear is accompanied by explosions in the rear silencer, horn and sound system should be optional.

Price: More for less?

5 reasons why I will always choose a Jaguar F-Type and not a Porsche 911

An important variable, or perhaps not so much for those who really can afford to choose. The Jaguar F-Type is the rookie, the badass of the segment that has come to make noise and conquer. The Porsche 911 has no rivals, I had better said, and its image and history are included in rates that exceed the Jaguar sports car by € 20,000 margins. Are they rivals? I still think not so much.

In this way the Jaguar F-Type is much cheaper if we compare ourselves with the data in hand. But the key, of course, is to know what you are looking for. Both sports cars are perfect for day to day, obviously the Porsche offers more space, more manageability and lower fuel consumption, but there will be few who really put problems with having a two-seater sports car or more greedy, when their main reason for buying is to get a real sports car.

Our idea of ​​sports: the key

5 reasons why I will always choose a Jaguar F-Type and not a Porsche 911

This publication will be, without a doubt, the most subjective of all that I have been able to write to date. I draw on personal experiences, on miles of twisty roads with the right foot demanding the maximum from the Porsche 911 (991) and the Jaguar F-Type. Best of all, I consider myself a lover of Porsche technology, that real technique, the one that requires fine-tuning and not electronic correction.

But the reality is none other than admitting that the Jaguar F-Type is a race sports car, without half measures. Who could have thought that the entrance on the scene of TATA Motors could bring such good results, and the F-Type is the best definition that Jaguar has managed to offer something different in the world of sports cars. Something new from a classic essence that many have lost.

Porsche 911s will continue to sell like bagels, I have no doubt. However, the F-Type has brought to this era that spirit where a sports car is born to be enjoyedIts reality is that of a two-seater that only feels really comfortable on mountain roads, where the sound of exhausts and its rebellious rear-wheel drive condition always bring a smile to your face.


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