8000 laps Experiences MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 2015: petrolheads, there’s hope

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It’s 10 in the morning and the sun is beating down on him Jarama circuit tempered by a cool breeze that reminds us that we still have a few months to go until summer. The paddock, the pit lane, is already a hive of cars, sports cars, it is already a coming and going of fans, people from the organization, participants. On the track, where the action began already at 9 in the morning, the first cars roll. Yes, one more year the 8000 laps Experiences And of course, one more year we have been there accompanying the team of 8000 laps loaded with cameras to tell you about it.


A first walk through the paddock makes it clear that the call has a serious, very serious team, with a list of participants where there is no lack of radical mounts: a Ginetta G55, a Radical, an Ultima, a Seven …

Of course talking about a track day is talking about Porsche and the 8000 laps Experiences were not going to be less included several GT3, one GT3 RS (997) and Turbos, many Turbos, in addition to several classic units. In fact, as part of the organization’s mobile exhibition park we find a spectacular Porsche 911 GT3 (991).


Of course, this 911 GT3 was not the only mount that the 8000-lap team chose to roll on the track with guests. We also find a Audi RS5 and S3, a Porsche Panamera Turbo S, a BMW M3 and an M4 Convertible.

BMW also had a large presence, both in the hands of participants and in a paddock where a BMW i8 and where we met again with that one BMW M4 Coupe that months ago he accompanied us in that test that we published under the title of “Squeezing a spectacular chassis with tons of torque: BMW M4 Coupé on test””. A pleasure to see our faces again and a pleasure to enjoy the show that he gave on the track.


In the paddock we also find another sports car that has already passed through this section and Lexus did not want to miss the party and came with a couple of Lexus RC F, with, incidentally, much curious swarming around him.

There were no shortage of cavallinos, with a spectacular Ferrari 458 Italia in white and with red rims or an elegant as well as blunt Ferrari f12


Nor horned, enjoying in the Madrid arena the delicious melody of a Lamborghini gallardo.

Akrapovic, one of the sponsors together with Michelin or Coyote, also put a good musical note to the event with his escapes. A Nissan gt-r and an Akrapovic escape is always synonymous with a good concert.

And if it wasn’t enough, the “orchestra” also accompanied us 6to6 with a crowded convocation of sixters who turned out with another good wave of Porsche, Ferrari, some Audi r8


For those ears tired of so much mechanical melody there were djs, completing the “show” beyond the track a couple of Renault clio sport of SMC Junior next to the first Selex 1800 Formula or one of those dune-eating monsters that are the Dakar trucks. We even find an inflatable castle available to the little ones.

Rolling on the track under 1 minute and 50 seconds


I have to confess that for me the show of the 8000vueltas Experiences is shared 50% among the buzz that is the paddock throughout the day, for meeting the fans and great colleagues of the sector and for the cars that gather there and the Action on the track, an action that, according to our 8000-lap teammates, resulted in up to 12 cars under 1:50, a pretty good time.

In general it was shot fast, with 34 cars, from a total of 59, below 2 minutes. The best time of the day fell into the hands of a Porsche 911 (991) Turbo S that marked a time of 1.43.8.

The importance of a trackday


Beyond the chronicle, of that entertaining day at Jarama that lasted until around 7 in the afternoon, a trackday like this has a more important background that goes beyond what those first layers of entertainment leave us, it is more, much more, than a good excuse to put the car on the track.

We have always complained about the lack of automotive culture in Spain, a country where, on the other hand, autochthonous car brands have existed and exist, where a large number of cars are produced, where great drivers have been born and struggled to grow professionally … and events, days, like this bring us a little closer to that dream scene, they breathe in a little oxygen, a little 98 octane gasoline and make it look like there is a hobby lack of activities, that there are good cars, classic, sports, with owners, passionate about the motor, to which you just have to give a good excuse to get them out of the garage.

Therefore, beyond the congratulations of rigor, we must also thank 8000 laps, as well as on other occasions to thank Private Tandas, Fuelwasters and many other names, not many, unfortunately, who shake the hornet’s nest that is the motor hobby in Spain, an avid hobby for days like this.

Beyond the will of a group like 8000vueltas: the support of the sponsors


We cannot lose sight of the fact that beyond the performance of the organization, of the members of the 8000vueltas team, there is support that comes from the brands and that makes it possible for an event of this size to succeed. In this sense, we must mention Michelin, a firm that has already become something more than a sponsor, becoming one of the fundamental pillars of this project. Akrapovic, Coyote, Martini, Red Bull, iDetail or the car brands involved, Porsche, BMW and Audi They help to make this happen and we must thank them for that.

Consolidating as one of the motor events of the year


This has been the fifth edition of the 8000vueltas Experiences, a fifth edition that accredits this event as one of the mandatory appointments in Spain for any self-respecting petrolhead. It was necessary to vindicate the culture of the trackday and the companions of 8000vueltas have managed to demonstrate that in Spain first level events can be held.

Dedication, effort, passion … We are aware that the companions of 8000 laps have sweated the fat drop to get this initiative forward, an initiative that year after year is gaining weight, is gaining name and that luckily shows us that this time invested and the stress endured pays off. .


On the Saturday of the trackday the Jarama parking lot was full. And no, we are not only talking about the cafeteria, paddock and surroundings of Farina’s stands, no, the upper parking lot was also filled and the atmosphere, in short, could not be better.

We only have, before ending this new High Performance, congratulate all 8000 laps staff members for the trackday that they have managed to carry out. We are already looking forward to the 2016 edition.


The next appointment of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Experience?

If after seeing the atmosphere of the 8000vueltas Experiences you have been wanting the circuit, do not miss the opportunity to participate in the trackday Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Experience at the MotorLand Aragón circuit the next may 23. If you register before May 14, you can ride all day, with access to the track divided into 7 batches, for 330 euros. You can check all the details at Trackforce.es.


Photographs by Juanma Garcia Cámara.


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