Alfa 4C Spider 2015: enjoy driving with your hair blowing in the wind

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Face it, you were looking forward to this day. Since we first met the new Alfa 4C, we have been impatient with the arrival of a convertible designed on the statuesque silhouette of the Italian sports car. Eager to meet once and for all the Alpha 4C Spider, which was already presented to us, as a prototype, at the Geneva Motor Show last year. And now, finally, we can congratulate ourselves that this convertible is shown to us as we will see it in dealerships, and as we have already seen it rolling in Spain.

The changes between the final Alfa 4C Spider, and the prototype shown in Geneva in 2014, are minimal.

If you look at it carefully, you will already realize that the differences with an Alfa 4C, beyond using a removable hood for the roof, are not really important. And those differences are even less obvious when compared to the pre-production Alfa 4C Spider that was introduced last year.

It should be noted that this Alfa 4C Spider already uses the new headlight design, which would solve one of the most controversial aspects of the Alpha 4C. Too I would have abandoned that double central exhaust of the prototype to advocate for two tailpipes, each on one side, as in the Alfa 4C. Even so, Alfa Romeo ensures that later on they will offer the possibility of equipping the Spider with that central exhaust signed, by the way, by Akrapovic. We have no doubt that it will sound like glory.


A convertible type “Targa”

The Alfa 4C will remain a “flyweight” and will feature a removable canvas roof.

But what is truly important about the Alfa 4C Spider, as you may have already imagined, is the fact that its bodywork has been adapted to dispense with the roof. Instead we will have a removable and folding canvas roof that can be safely stored in the trunk when we are not using it. It would use a targa-type format and not a conventional convertible roof, with its folding and unfolding system. There will also be a bare carbon fiber hardtop later.

The system used and the fact that, in its development, the Alfa 4C was already conceived to enjoy a convertible version, guarantees that the Spider has not sacrificed its structural rigidity by losing its roof and that they have been enough some chassis and body reinforcements, front windshield and an aluminum bar behind the head restraints, for safety reasons. That same aluminum bar gives consistency to the bay in which the engine is housed and to the new hood that makes the rear window, through which the engine could be seen, drastically reduce its size.

Another aspect that has not been affected by the bodywork has been the weight and the excellent power-to-weight ratio that this sports car has always boasted about. Remember that its carbon fiber monocoque barely exceeds 100 kilograms.


With the loss of the roof, the Alfa 4C Spider has not seen its performance diminish or its unbeatable power-to-weight ratio.

The Alfa 4C Spider will also enjoy the same four cylinder heart of the Alpha 4C. We are talking about a 1,750 cm3 turbocharged engine, 240 hp of power and a top speed of around 258 km / h. Its performance, therefore, would not be affected and it will continue to stick to the back of its carbon fiber and fiberglass seats when we fully depress the right pedal, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.

Associated with this engine we will have a double clutch gearbox, the Alpha TCT, to transmit all the power to the rear axle. Intermediating we will also have an electronic system, the Alpha DNA, to choose between the different possible driving modes, from an All-Weather to face adverse weather conditions, to Dynamic, which begins to make things fun; and the most radical mode, the Race, which deactivates some aids and allows us to use its Launch Control.

Source: Alfa Romeo | Via: Carscoop | Autoblog
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