Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 2001: recalling the Alfa Romeo sports saloon and its 250 hp cuore

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Lately we have very much in mind the idea of ​​a new sports saloon in the ranks of Alfa Romeo. A Alfa Romeo Giulia willing to stand up to him BMW M3, they even dare to point out some. Be that as it may, the idea inevitably makes us remember the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA, a 156 vitaminized to which we pay tribute today.

Will Alfa Romeo finally return to the path of sports saloons? It is still unknown, by many sources that indicate it, but we hope so and that also this alleged Alfa Romeo Giulia is at the height of the German competition.

While we delight in the past, recent, hand in hand with the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA.

A discreet exterior to house 250 horses

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 2001

Presented on the occasion of 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA It offered us a sporty perspective on an Alfa Romeo 156 that had been presented 4 years earlier. He came inheriting a mythical name in the brand, the initials GTA, denomination that was born in 1965 for the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint and whose meaning refers to “Great Lightweight Tourism”.

Its design boasted a certain discreet air, quite similar to any other version of the 156, in fact the 147 GTA he was quite a bit more radical in terms of appearance.

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 2001

The aesthetic changes were defined by a cycle part that asked for a body with more space available. The fins thus widened, also giving rise to new side skirts and a new rear bumper. The front bumper also changed to offer us a larger air intake.

Completed the set some 17 inch wheels, with 225/45 size tires, which featured the brand’s characteristic circle design.

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 2001

In its cabin the changes came from the hand of some sports seats with the relevant greater grip and new nuances in the form of leather and metallic inserts on its steering wheel and gear lever as well as aluminum pedals.

In figures, the Alfa Romeo 156 GTAIn its saloon version, it had a length of 4,430 mm, a width of 1,765 mm and a height of 1,402 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,595 mm. The station wagon was slightly taller, reaching 1,411 mm. Regarding weight, the saloon was satisfied with 1,410 kg, while the family reached 1,460 kg.

Its mechanics and cycle part

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 2001

Data sheet

  • Motor V6 3.2 atmospheric
  • Power 250 hp
  • Maximum torque 300 Nm
  • 0-100kmh 6.3
  • Maximum speed 250 km / h
  • Weight 1,410 kg

The Alfa Romeo 156 GTA and its family variant, the Sportwagon, resorted to a 3.2-liter naturally aspirated V6 gasoline engine, mechanics that developed a power of 250 horses at 6,200 rpm and delivered to the front axle with a torque of 300 Nm at 4,800 rpm.

This mechanic was available with both a 6-speed manual transmission and a Selespeed sequence automatic transmission, also 6-speed. It is the same block, in fact with the same power, that we also find in the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA.

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 2001

Prestationally all variants, regardless of body or transmission, marked a 0 to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds, its maximum speed being 250 km / h. Its average consumption was just over 12 l / 100 km.

Along with the V6 we also found a new set-up, with special emphasis, as pointed out by the firm itself, to the suspension. New geometries and components that were also accompanied by larger diameter stabilizer bars, a more direct steering and a set of brakes with 305 × 28 mm discs on the front axle, with Brembo double-piston calipers, and rear discs of 276 × 10 mm.

How much did an Alfa Romeo 156 cost GTA in 2002?

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 2001

At its commercial launch the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA had a price of 42,100 euros for the saloon and for 43,150 euros in the case of the family version. Having the Selespeed automatic transmission involved an additional outlay of 1,550 euros.

Competition pedigree

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 2001

The Alfa Romeo 156 can boast a good sporting history in touring car championships, just as the Alfa Romeo 155, predecessor of the Alfa Romeo 156, could also boast in its day.

156 was winner of the Italian Super Touring Championship in 1998 and 1999 of European Touring Car from 2001 to 2003.

What will the future hold for us Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA?

It is still a mystery if we will see a Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA or not. The Giulia will be in charge of reaffirming the new stage in the Italian firm, a new stage led by the Alfa Romeo 4C seeking to deepen the charm of “Made in Italy” to face the German premium firms.

The latest rumors about this sports saloon tell us about a mechanics inherited directly from Maserati, the V6 3.0 Twin-Turbo of the Maserati Ghibli would also be under the hood of a Giulia that would deliver a power of between 480 and 520 horses, also speaking of an all-wheel drive alternative.

These figures would put the Alfa Romeo sports saloon in an excellent position if we take into account that the new BMW M3 It has a 6-cylinder with a power of 431 horses. The arrival of the Giulia is apparently scheduled for 2015, so this alternative could arrive a year later.

We can establish quite a few ties between the Alfa Romeo of 1997, with the launch of the Alfa Romeo 156 as a preamble to a new era, and the current Alfa Romeo. Then, in 1998 came a new representative saloon from the hand of the Alfa Romeo 166, in 2000 the Alfa Romeo 147 followed by the Alfa Romeo GT in 2003 and a Brera that already in 2005 gave way to a new period.

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