Alfa Romeo 8C: face to face, photo by photo, with a piece of first-class Italian craftsmanship

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Who was going to tell us that one morning in December 2014 we were going to find ourselves hiding in a box in the Jarama circuit with all a Alfa Romeo 8C. On the other side of the pits, in the pit lane, the Alfa Romeo 4C is waiting for us, the culprit of our visit to the Madrid track, but… what the hell, it is not every day that you come across an Alfa Romeo 8C.

Unfortunately we will not be able to enter the track with the 8C, the light of noon and the Jarama boxes will not make it easy for us to dedicate the photo session that the 8C deserves, but here we are, camera on our shoulders willing to show you photo by photo what the interior of this piece of Italian craftsmanship is like.

How and when was the Alfa Romeo 8C born?

In the 2006 Paris Motor Show Alfa Romeo presented the production version of the Alfa Romeo 8C, an Alfa Romeo 8C that had been born 3 years earlier at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show. The project was born as an exercise of cooperation within the Fiat Group itself in which Alfa Romeo would be in charge of design and Maserati of production.

Inspired by Alfa Romeo’s glorious pastIn the brand’s sports classics, the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione was born with a spectacular and classic silhouette that also enjoyed careful aerodynamics, this design being accompanied by a steel structure (with a lot of aluminum in its cycle part, as in its suspension, tires and brake calipers) and a mechanical V8 at 90º of 4.7 liters with a power of 450 horses delivered to the rear axle and a pair of 470 Nm, carrying the 6-speed robotic transmission to the rear axle.

Your acceleration in the 0 to 100 km / h was close to 4 seconds and his top speed flirted with the 300 km / h. With a weight of 1,585 kg It enjoyed a 50/50 distribution, while its dimensions are 4,381 mm long, 1,894 mm wide and 1,341 mm high.

A classic, timeless design …


Once the presentations are made, it is time to enjoy live the presence of the 8C Competizione, those details that run through its body like the 4 Leaf Clover of the fin …


… or that shy classic cut side grill accompanied by a tiny flashing …


… just a few inches from the signature of Alfa Romeo’s “Centro Stile”.


Your lock couldn’t be simpler. It seems that the hardware store on the corner is going to have an exactly the same bowler hat. The handles sport the same design as the Alfa Romeo 4C.


In its rear some beautiful rounded optics


… A “Competizione” coined with the brand’s characteristic typography on the rear emblem…


… and a couple of four exhaust outlets in a 2 + 2 arrangement, perfectly integrated into a bumper accompanied by a diffuser and a wall light in carbon fiber.


Spectacular backets welcome us …

After three or four laps around it, it is time to enter a cabin that welcomes us backet.


Everywhere you look, they couldn’t look better. Its design, the finish of its upholstery …


On its side, in the upper part, where the leather belt pin is anchored, the seal of Poltrona Frau, in charge of upholstery.


Beside us the trimmings of the doors reveal a beautiful leather braided fabric in the upper part, accompanied by an aluminum arm with a sculptural curvature …


… And a handle also finished in aluminum of elegant and attractive simplicity.


On the other side, we dive into a center console finished in carbon fiber sparkly.


The transmission buttons, the start button, the electric handbrake, the “Sport” mode button …


Further down, in the middle of the central bridge, a commemorative plaque is responsible for reminding us that the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione was a production limited to 500 units.


I turn around, look behind the seats and meet a large cargo space, more than capable of holding two sports bags.


Framed by a new aluminum bar we ascend the center console to find a radio that has seen better times. Modern touch screen multimedia systems have made us forget what old car radio-CDs were like …


Higher up, continuing with our ascent towards the upper part of the dashboard, we find a series of levers with an aluminum finish and the controls of the air conditioner, bizone.


The three-spoke steering wheel looks somewhat rough. Behind the wheel a pair of large paddles and simple instrumentation.


Again the aluminum is present, this time in the spokes of the steering wheel, with a brushed finish and some Allen screws that seem ready to emphasize the car’s artisan character.


A voice sounds from the box next door. our scrutiny stops. They are calling me. It’s my turn. I have to get behind the wheel of the Alfa Romeo 4C to write you the proof that days ago you could read, “Alfa Romeo 4C, an appointment at Jarama””. I regret not being able to start his V8 and go to the track with him … however the alternative is not bad either, his little brother has shown us to be a great sports car, with a huge soul.


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