Alpine A110-50, ultralight, sporty and real as life itself

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What better basis to honor a name with such packaging in the world of competition as Alpine, than the maximum exponent of the sportsmanship of Renault Sport, the Megane trophy. And why not inherit such a daring and foreboding design of the future that awaits Renault than that of the DeZir Concept prototype. Of course, an engine could not be lacking at the height of the consequences, a 3.5-liter V6 and 24 valves in central position, it would be missing more, and a power of 400 CV.

He Alpine A110-50 Concept It is not intended to be a mere re-interpretation of the original Berlinette, but rather a faithful vision of what would have happened if 50 years later Renault had dared to launch a product that embodied in the best possible way the concept of racing sports car in a street car. It is a small sports car capable of evoking many feelings, but above all making its driver enjoy a lot.

It is barely a few inches taller than a Renault Megane and is extremely ultra-light, 880 kilograms on scale. Also, the weight distribution is close to 50/50 balance, with 47.8% on the front axis.

Alpine A110-50

A racing sports car aiming to hit public roads

It is not a sports car, it is an airplane. 400 hp for 880 kilograms, lack of electronic aids and high-flying aerodynamics.

The safety cage The original Megane Trophy, which is preserved in this very special sports car, had to be lowered to adapt to the engine compartment and the lower height of a prototype that at the moment we do not know if it will let us hear its echo in a production model. There are also some 21 “wheels that despite mounting Michelin street-approved tires, they have been attached with central nut prepared for the quick replacement wheel systems used in competition.

The aerodynamics of the Alpine A110-50 Concept has been cared for with great care. A front splitter and a rear diffuser increase the ground effect to improve gripalong with an adjustable rear spoiler. The body design went through complex computer systems with technology used in Formula 1.

In case you doubted it, the purity of this sports car is such that it has been chosen to dispense with electronic aids such as ABS or traction control.

Alpine A110-50

The mechanical tuning of a supercar

The mechanics of the Alpine A110-50, you see, is in charge of a block of 3.5 liters, 24 valves and 6 cylinders in V of the Renault-Nissan group. Its power of 400 hp at 7,200 rpm It is achieved thanks to reinforcements in moving elements such as pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft, a dry sump and a specific exhaust system. Its maximum torque is 422 Nm at 6,200 rpm, all of it on the rear axle.

For the transmission, longitudinally coupled behind the engine, a adjustable limited slip self-locking. And following the spirit of the racing sports car, a six-speed semi-automatic sequential gearbox with a double disc clutch that can be actuated manually by a third pedal (that of a manual gearbox clutch) or by a cam on the steering shaft.

Electronics are provided by Magneti-Marelli, an institution in the competition.

Alpine A110-50

Defollowing daisies: will it reach the street or not?

But after this detailed presentation, the million dollar question remains unanswered: Will the brand new successor to the Alpine ever be produced?

It is difficult to dare to venture what is terced as a most risky maneuver, and more in these times of crisis. However, without wanting to be pessimistic, the chances that it will be launched into production seem very low and even more that it will count on the numbers or the merits in competition of its instigator the Alpine A110, now fifty.

And if we want to be optimistic, just look at his Nissan brothers and the adventures and misadventures of the Juke-R to realize that at least a limited edition edition is not entirely impossible, do you think?

Source: Renault
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