Audi S4 2016 and S4 Avant 2016, return to discreet sportiness with 354 hp

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After introducing ourselves to the new Audi A4, it was a matter of time before Audi introduced us to the new Audi S4 and S4 Avant. The moment has come, and before us there are two of the most discreet sports cars of the moment, camouflaged as elegant sedans with a touch of spice. But to be honest, they could pass as simple Audi A4s with an S-Line kit. And maybe that’s their grace, that they perfectly hide the fact that there’s 354 hp under its hood and they are able to tear off the stickers from cars in appearance much faster …

354 hp of sporty discretion for the Audi S4 2016

The Audi S4 weighs 1,630 kilos, a low weight for all-wheel drive.

The Audi S4 and S4 Avant have been developed at the same time as the Audi A4, and share its modular platform with it. In both cases, the engine is identical: the well-known 3.0 TFSI, a new V6 supercharged by turbo that goes from the 333 CV of the last generation – supercharged by a compressor – to develop 354 hp, identical power to that Audi S4 equipped with a 4.2 V8 FSI engine. Its torque is 500 Nm, constant between 1,300 rpm and 4,500 rpm.

Static photo, Color: Misano Red

Coupled to a quattro permanent all-wheel drive system and a eight-speed tiptronic gearbox and torque converter – the well-known eight-speed ZF – is capable of accelerating up to 100 km / h in just 4.7 seconds. Its top speed is in both cases limited to 250 km / h and its approved consumption figures are 7.4 l / 100 km. The engine allows sailing when we are not stepping on the accelerator, or on descents: the gearbox disengages the gear and we circulate “in neutral”.

The driver can choose between various driving modes.

All-wheel drive can pass – via a center differential – up to 70% of the power to the front axle and 85% of the power to the rear axle depending on the needs of the moment. Typically, it distributes 60% of the torque to the rear axle and 40% to the front. The inner wheels are slightly braked when cornering to improve cornering and an optionally available rear sport differential – mechanical – who can actively distribute the torque between both rear wheels.


Elegance and quality of materials

The design of the Audi S4 is understated, but subtly sporty. Look at their 18 or 19-inch wheels, which hide oversized brake discs. Look at his sports suspension, lower than in a conventional Audi A4: it is 23 mm lower and optionally it can equip the CDC system, an adaptive constant control of the suspension. On the outside there are also details finished in silver, such as the rear diffuser or the housing of the rear view mirrors. Four exhaust pipes they appear behind.

Inside we were somewhat more impressed. Carbon fiber inserts They are distributed throughout the cabin, with the usual quality that Audi prints its cars. The sports steering wheel and various inscriptions that read S4 remind us that we are not in just any car, while we are sitting in seats with wide lateral support, visualizing fully TFT instrumentation. But the details in Alcantara do not mask the fact that the engine sound is coming from the speakers.


All in all, it is a car that has a niche in the market and I am sure it will win us over when we drive it.

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Dynamic photo, Color: Misano Red


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