BMW 1 Series M Coupé, lived intensely and will die young

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The end of one of the most interesting sports coupes in BMW, in a long time, it could be pretty close. He BMW Series 1 M Coupé will cease production soon and is that as the great Hollywood stars chose to live intensely and die young, after a little over a year of commercialization, to leave a beautiful memory to its owners, a rather exclusive piece that over time will undoubtedly become a cult sports car.

He BMW Series 1 M Coupé was born with the purpose of recalling the sports coupes of yesteryear, more specifically the BMW M3 E30. A generational handover that was a quarter of a century younger, smarter, and handsome. 340 CV extracted turbo by means of a block of six cylinders in line, guaranteed a 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds. There’s still more, from € 56,500, is the most economical model of BMW M GmbH and by far. That said, a golden opportunity for those who could afford a treat “for all audiences”, paying a heartfelt tribute to the yearned for. E30.

And now that? Is there life beyond BMW Series 1 M Coupé?

BMW 1 Series M CoupeNice scene from BMW Series 1 M Coupé and its relative the M3 E30 in action

He BMW Series 1 M Coupé will leave us, but after him will surely arrive the new works of M GmbH and not only in coupe format, but also in a practical compact body of three and five doors.

Recently the renovation of the BMW Series 1, at the moment with five doors and soon it should do with three. To elucidate what could happen with the BMW 1 Series Coupé and Cabriolet we should enter the field of speculation and rumors with more or less foundation that assure that BMW has put on the table the idea of ​​differentiating this range in the new Series 2.

It would not surprise us therefore that the next movement is not only the launch of the BMW Series 2 in its variants Coupé and Cabrio, but also a high-performance model signed by M GmbH.

Before even that happens, the logical thing would be the arrival of the expected BMW M 135i and M 135i xDrive. The fact that the compact will receive its corresponding sports version, that its power will exceed 300 hp and that it will have rear and all-wheel drive options, is an open secret that was even more evident when in the Geneva Motor Show the prototype was presented BMW Concept M135i three-door.

Source: Car & Driver
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