BMW i8: the dream of teenagers of this generation

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Possibly the BMW i8 It was one of the cars I most wanted to test in 2014 and luckily I was able to calm that desire months ago in Milan, leaving me since then with an internal situation that I have not yet managed to resolve. Porsche 911 or BMW i8? Possibly I would end up solved by ditching modern cars and restoring a 964 and a BMW R65, all in peace, but there is the germ of the i8, there it is a hybrid sports car managing to make me doubt a myth, of one of those cars that I dreamed of as a child, as a teenager and still today.

Will the BMW i8 be able to conquer a whole generation of teenagers like the Porsche 959s, the Countach and Diablo, the F40… with us? I think so.

BMW i8: the dream of teenagers of this generation

Data sheet

  • Motor plug-in hybrid, 3-cylinder 1.5l TwinPower Turbo + electric
  • Joint power 362 hp
  • Maximum torque 320 Nm (gasoline) + 250 Nm (electric)
  • 0-100kmh 4.4 sec
  • Maximum speed 250 km / h
  • Weight 1,485 kg

I have burned into my memory an image of the BMW i8. He would arrive after a few first kilometers, 100 perhaps, I don’t remember, to a Milanese winery where the group of journalists who attended his presentation would go to eat. There was the i8 with the two doors raised after my partner and I got out, with the steering turned, as if waiting, with natural and full knowledge of the facts, to be photographed. Something I did, leaving me with a photograph that I usually use when it comes to talking about any topic related to the i8, although photography is not a wonder either. There, the BMW i8, a hybrid car, showed me that it had managed to remove something from the inside, that a car with such a motorization could also be passionate, it could also conquer a whole generation of children eager for a sports car with which Sound.

But no, this reflection is not about that crush. A few days ago I came across a comment from a boy of about 12 or 13 years old on the Facebook board. A comment that read something like “one day it will be mine” under a picture of a BMW i8. Surely that same phrase was released by a few of us who walked around here years ago when we crossed the street with a Ferrari 360, when reading in a magazine about the launch of a spectacular Jaguar XJ or when they gave us that model of the Lotus Esprit.

BMW i8: the dream of teenagers of this generation

The BMW i8 is already the sports car of a generation. The generation that knew a Ferrari, a McLaren and a Porsche fighting for the Olympus of supercars. It has well earned a place alongside these in the dreams of this generation of children and adolescents, even though it is a world away from the LaFerrari, the P1 and the 918 Spyder.

362 horses of hybrid technology, all-wheel drive, the possibility of traveling up to 37 km without spending a drop of gasoline, being able to circulate at 120 km / h in electric mode, practically the same acceleration as a Ferrari F40, a good touch for its direction , a rigid chassis and a beautiful sound (who the hell was going to imagine that a 3-cylinder engine could sound like that?) all combined with a spectacular bearing, that look, those rear flaps, that futuristic view of profile, those raised doors …

BMW i8: the dream of teenagers of this generation

Yes, a Porsche 911 has better dynamics, as does a Jaguar F-Type R, we cannot forget about the new Mercedes bet, the new Mercedes-AMG GT, but the BMW i8 has earned a privileged position in this new wave of sports cars. Little by little we have to say goodbye to the V12, to the atmospheric mechanics, even most of them are leaving the manual changes on the way. They seem like bad times for the lyric, but although we no longer have real beasts among us like the Countach, runaway machines, BMW he has managed to make the i8 a totally desirable machine, a machine to dream of.

BMW i8: the dream of teenagers of this generation

A good steering feel, a rigid chassis, a sound that makes you think that under the hood there is a V6 … no, it is not dynamically up to par with a 911 or an F-Type, but in exchange it offers many others arguments. He BMW i8 has a starting price of 129,900 euros. It does not seem like much when we consider the enormous technological load of its mechanics or its design. For me it is already the car of the year. “Mario Herraiz

Featured video of the BMW i8

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The BMW i8 is a revolutionary plug-in hybrid sports car with scissor doors and 2 + 2 configuration. Not suitable for all pockets, not suitable for all tastes and, in short, totally revolutionary.


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