BMW M3 (E92) by KBR Motorsport: This M3 is crying out for you to take it to the Nürburgring

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While we impatiently await the arrival of a production BMW M4 GTS we have come across a BMW M3 of the previous generation, a E92, considerably modified. The German firm KBR Motorsport is behind this package of changes that well deserves the added “Clubsport” label and that leaves us with a lighter, more powerful and ultimately wild M3 that is crying out for an excursion around Nürburgring.

Apparently BMW is currently working on a more radical BMW M4 that has already been presented as a concept, the BMW M4 GTS.

Leaving aside the aesthetic changes we ran into a significant weight reduction in which the rear seats, insulators and the bulk of superfluous elements have been eliminated in a cabin more typical of a racing car than a registrable car.

The door panels are covered with carbon fiber, the original seats give way to some Recaro with four-point harnesses and roll bars complete the sporty vision of the interior of this BMW M3.

The list of changes continues in the mechanical section. He 4-liter atmospheric V8 of cubic capacity receives an extra power thanks to electronics. The original 420 horses give way to new ones 450 horses while torque increases to 440 Nm, but there is more.

Along with this increase in power we come across an evolution of the cycle part in which, in addition to the chassis itself reinforced thanks to the roll cage, we find suspensions signed by KW, new brakes and BBS rims Shod with Pirelli Trofeo tires.


Image gallery of the BMW M3 E92 prepared by KBR Motorsport:


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