BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights: the battle for laser lights has a new champion

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The laser optics they left us in 2014 a good confrontation between BMW and Audi to see who were the first to take it to the streets in a production car. Today each of the brands will score the goal on their list of achievements, was the Audi R8 LMX the first? Was it the BMW i8? What is clear is that laser technology is the next great advance in the world of optics and little by little we will see it in more models. In fact, on the occasion of CES 2015, BMW presents its laser optics on a concept BMW M4 Coupé, the BMW M4 Concept Iconic Light.

What will be the next production car to carry laser lights? maybe the next BMW 7 Series

Under this name, BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights, we find a BMW M4 Coupe equipped with a laser optics with a 600 meter beam, but of course the news is not only there.

This lighting system is associated with the navigation systemIn this way the car can anticipate to illuminate a corner of the road that is usually dark.


These optics are up to 10 times more powerful than halogen lights, xenon or LED lights, but at the same time more efficient, consuming up to 30% less energy.

Of course there is no missing anti-glare system for oncoming cars.


In addition to the improvement in lighting, we cannot lose sight of its involvement with aesthetics.

The front optics are not the only ones that change, finding ourselves behind with some new OLED lights that are responsible for reducing energy consumption while its production is cheaper not finding rare earths in its constitution.

The capacity of these OLED optics They allow you to create different lighting functions that go through, for example, the design change in the rear lights when activating the Sport mode. A similar function, in LED yes, we find ourselves in the new Volkswagen Passat, which when braking changes the design of the rear lights to draw even more the attention of the car that circulates behind us.

We can’t leave behind the application in terms of design of these optics and in fact the laser headlights of this BMW are responsible for reinterpreting the characteristic “look” of the BMW.

“Cool White”, a nice shade of paint for your presentation


Like Volkswagen with its Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept, BMW has opted for a new paint shade to present your concept at CES. No, it is not a two-color finish like that of the Golf R, but it is a nice tone halfway between white and gray that BMW has baptized as “Cool White”.

No details of its mechanics have been given since the firm, nor is it necessary to talk about its optics, so we can interpret that under the hood of this conceptual M4 the block of 6 cylinders in line with 3 liters of displacement and a biturbo system supercharger, leading up to the rear axle 431 horses.

Now it remains to ask ourselves what will be the next BMW model to bring laser optics to production, as well as OLED optics. Possibly the next BMW 7 Series, which we will meet soon, is in charge of releasing, beyond the BMW i8, these optics.



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