BMW Z4: an exquisite interior and the V8 of the M3 E92 from the hand of Carlex

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Carlex, a regular when it comes to Tuning for interiors, presents us on this occasion a preparation that goes beyond the cabin to leave us with a good mechanical change and new aesthetic nuances, in addition to, of course, a new interior, for a Bmw z4 that directly inherits the mechanics V8 of the previous generation of the BMW M3.

Carlex’s aesthetic preparation involves showing off in a bicolor finish a new front bumper


… And a new rear bumper in which a new diffuser.


The rear is also seasoned by a new spoiler and the change of tires de rigueur.


Under the hood of this Z4 we find the mechanics of the previous generation of the BMW M3, a mechanics very different from the 6-cylinder in-line with 3 liters of displacement that we currently find. Recall that the M3 E92 had a 4-liter atmospheric V8 displacement with a power of 420 horses, a mechanic that now accompanies this Z4.

Recall that the most performance version of the Z3 was not driven by this engine, but the Z4 M had a 6-cylinder 3.2-liter that developed 343 horses.


The mechanical change is certainly remarkable, as remarkable is also the evolution of its interior point where Carlex is a true specialist.


Baquets with an exquisite finish …


… New upholstery covering practically the entire interior of the Z4 …


… or new carbon fiber inserts

… Give the interior of this BMW a completely new look. Regardless of whether or not we like it aesthetically, we must recognize Carlex for the exquisite work he does on the interiors of the cars he prepares.


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