Brabham BT62: two trim levels for the track supercar

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The 710 bhp coupe and prices starting from 1 million pounds will be offered in two lines: “Celebration”, a tribute to the victorious Brabham single-seaters, and “Signature”, which will be tailor-made with the customer.

Perfectly “in line” with the advances at the beginning of May, at the time of the official presentation of the new Anglo-Australian supercoupé, the top management of Brabham Automotive (newborn factory with head David Brabham, winner at the 24 of Le Mans 2009 and son of the three-time F1 world champion “Black Jack” who died in 2014 at the age of 88) reveal in detail the two declensions which will make up the limited series of copies of BT62, a high-performance supercar designed exclusively for racing purposes that will go on sale starting at one million pounds for each model.

Brabham BT62 will be “pulled” in 70 units: thirty-five units will be set up in configuration “Celebration Series“; the rest will be made in an installation “Signature Series“. Each of the two “editions” differs from the other in graphic motifs that decorate the car body, as well as for an exclusive livery and equipment: both, in any case, represent a tribute to the sporting history of the brand founded in 1962 by Jack Brabham and his compatriot coach Ron Tauranac; after all, the abbreviation itself is an evident reference to the origins of the factory (“BT”, a prefix that has always been used for single-seaters, stands for “Brabham-Tauranac”; “62” is, in fact, the year of construction of the first car of F1).

In detail, the upcoming Brabham BT62 currently being set up, “Celebration” reminds enthusiasts of the 35 victories obtained by Brabham single-seaters in the highest Formula: a peculiarity of this declination is the configuration of color and external decorations corresponding to the image of each victorious car on the circuit. The first example (Brabham BT62 / 01) will be painted and decorated in the colors green-gold (the Australian “flag” in competitions) and with the race number 11 “in the image and likeness” of the Brabham BT7 that with the Californian expert Dan Gurney he obtained his first absolute success in F1 (French GP in Rouen, 26 June 1964).

To this series corresponds the specimen that last month, in London, at the premises of Australia House (headquarters of the Australian High Commission), accompanied the vernissage of BT62: carries the number “03” and pays homage to the third win for a Brabham in F1, and the first success with Jack Brabham at the wheel, which made the Australian tri-world champion the first driver in history to have won a GP on a car of his own construction.

The “Celebration” lineup will also be part of the car number 19, set up in red and blue livery corresponding to the colors of the famous Brabham BT46B “Fan Car” with the original rear fan ground effect system designed by Gordon Murray, with which Niki Lauda won the 1978 Swedish GP in Anderstorp (he was later disqualified; this, however, did not prevent fans from remembering his victory).

Peculiarities of the lineup “Signature Series“Will be the possibility, offered to each (wealthy) buyer, to set up their own example of Brabham BT62 behind personal specifications: an “ad hoc” program that will give each customer the role of first-rate “collaborator” in setting up the purchased unit, and follow its construction step by step, with the aim of providing each customer with acustomized car.

The assembly of each Brabham BT62, which was anticipated at the London presentation, will take place in the ZF Lemforder complex, a 15,000 square meter industrial building located in Edinburgh Park (in the north of Adelaide) already used for the production of components for the equipment of the Holden lineup.

Technically, the Anglo-Australian coupe (whose project leader is Paul Birch) relies heavily on carbon fiber for the monocoque and for the paneling of the bodywork, in turn characterized by an accurate aerodynamic study, moreover evident in the bodykit markedly “racing” that underlines its image: eye-catching front spoiler, large side “wings”, a large rear wing and an equally “powerful” diffuser (the same owner of the company, David Brabham, had underlined how BT 62 both in capable of generating up to 1,200 kg of downforce). The dynamic behavior of the vehicle is contributed by Michelin racing tires chosen as original equipment and a set of suspensions with double wishbones with shock absorbers and adjustable anti-roll bars. L’braking system uses six-pin calipers and carbon ceramic discs.

The propulsion component for Brabham BT62 relies on aunit 5.4-liter engine atmospheric power supply, in the 8-cylinder V-shaped architecture, designed and built “in house” and combined with a sequential gearbox to six relationships with rear-wheel Drive and, for the purpose of effective use of the car on the track, enriched with Launch Control and trim and transmission control devices that can be operated by the driver. Data in hand, the power released by the Brabham BT62 5.4 naturally aspirated V8 is 710 hp, for a driving force of 667 Nm of maximum torque (significant, considering the “dry” weight of about 970 kg, the weight / power ratio: 730 hp / ton).

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