BRABUS 850 XL: excess squared for the Mercedes GLS

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Buying a Mercedes GLS it is in itself an unreasonable decision. It’s a massive five-meter-long, seven-seater SUV, heavy and with a voracious appetite for fuel. Its AMG version has 585 hp of power and needs to tow a Repsol in terms of fuel consumption. Still, there are those who think that a Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 is insufficient. Fortunately, BRABUS can satisfy the most excessive wishes of the most fickle customers. Something tells me that many BRABUS 850 XL they will end up under the Dubai sun.

850 hp, a very dark aesthetic and 23-inch wheels. Pure excess materialized in the form of an SUV.

Everybody knows 585 hp of power are clearly insufficient for a sporty SUV. He Bentley Bentayga It has 608 hp from a new W12 TSI (see test of the W12 TSI engine in Supercars Search Engine) and the owners of a Mercedes GLS cannot let those of Crewe pass them by. A call to Germany solves all the problems: the displacement of the 5.5 V8 Biturbo engine rises to 6.0 liters, in addition to installing new turbos, intake, exhaust and electronic control unit.


The result is a herculean 850 hp, a figure that pales next to the enormous torque of this mass of more than two tons: 1,450 Nm. Only 1,150 Nm can be swallowed by the gearbox, but I doubt that many customers will voice complaints about it. This mole makes the 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.2 seconds, and reaches a top speed of 299 km / h. Despite being 242 hp more powerful, the Bentley Bentayga eludes him: the English does the 0 to 100 km / h one tenth faster and is 2 km / h faster.

Of course, and for BRABUS, the mechanical preparation is accompanied by a recalibrated air suspension and a new exhaust line with active butterfly valves and ceramic tails – this exhaust generates a lot of heat. Its dark and aggressive image is contributed by Monoblock rims of no less than 23 inches diameter. The body kit is set in carbon fiber inserts, LEDs and aerodynamic solutions. If what you want is to go unnoticed, the BRABUS 850 XL is not your car.


The interior has not been neglected either: specific instrumentation, seats reupholstered with luxury of quality and attention to detail, as well as metallic inserts in the dashboard. Of course, for the right price, BRABUS will tile the 850 XL according to your wishes.

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