Caterham Seven 165: lowers its price to 24,195 euros

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With optimized emissions, the Seven 165 receives a registration tax of 0%.

sevenCaterham announced at the beginning of the month a price of 25,143 euros for the new Caterham 165, the first step in the range of the British manufacturer. Now, little more than a week later, Alcatrade, Caterham distributor in Spain, communicates a new starting price for the Seven, starting now from 24,195 euros.

About 1,000 euros less for the Caterham Seven 165 in the Spanish market that arrive due to a new optimization of its emissions figures, leading the “little” Seven to reduce its registration tax from 4.75% to 0%.

Caterham Seven 165: lowers its price to 24,195 euros

With an approved consumption of 4.9 l / 100 km the Caterham Seven 165 records emissions of CO2 from 114 g / km, thus remaining below 120 g / km and thus being able to receive a 0% registration tax instead of 4.75%. Continuing with its consumption in urban areas, consumption remains at 6.4 l / 100 km and 4.1 l / 100 km in extra-urban circulation.

Recall that the Caterham Seven 165 has under its long nose with a Supercharged 3-cylinder engine of Suzuki origin, block that delivers a power of 80 horses for a total set of 490 kg, a combination that even being positioned as the entry step to the sports brand is well worth the Seven to reach the 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, yes, with a top speed 161 km / h.

Caterham Seven 165: lowers its price to 24,195 euros

The purest fun without the need to resort to more powerful alternatives thanks to the right weight-to-power ratio and the good compromise with the set-up to which Caterham is accustomed, now close to 1,000 euros more accessible. From 24,195 euros the Caterham Seven 165 offers a concept of sportsmanship with few rivals.

Source: Caterham
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Caterham Seven 165: lowers its price to 24,195 euros



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