Ferrari FXX K: the ultimate horse is a 1,050hp LaFerrari licensed to abuse the asphalt

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Forget for a moment everything you know. Forget which Ferrari is for you the most beast, the most beautiful, the fastest, the one you wish you had in your garage, or the one that you would only move on a trailer to enjoy on a circuit. What you see is by far the most beastly Ferrari that your money could afford, too technological for competition, too fast and sporty to take to the streets with it. The Ferrari FXX K It is the definitive Ferrari, with capital letters, the latest technology of the rampant horse commissioning of the program Corse Clienti XX, a laboratory on wheels that goes beyond any type approval FIA, which goes beyond what reason would allow you to enjoy on open roads.

As you may have already seen, the Ferrari FXX K It is a monstrous and very radical version of the Ferrari LaFerrari. It’s the missing link between a street hypercar and a racing GT, only in this case it would be ridiculous to compare it to either.

This beast is equipped with an engine V12 6.262 cm3 that develops 860 CV. The K that completes its name is nothing more than an acronym that reminds us of the presence of a type system KERS, a device capable of recovering energy and delivering it to add another 190 CV to the final equation of this machine. The result is 1050 hp of power and 900 Nm of maximum torque, staggering figures with which it would surely be able to measure up against the best racing sports cars. Although we already anticipate that the Ferrari FXX K it will never be seen in a race.

Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari has taken its twelve-cylinder engine and equipped it with a new camshaft, mechanical (rather than hydraulic) timing, a competition-specific engine map, new intake ducts, new special polishing treatment and a system of “free” exhaust, no mufflers. Forget about economy or comfort driving modes. The Ferrari FXX K It will have a Manettino, like Formula 1, which will allow us to select four modes focused on maximizing our performance on the track:

Qualify It is focused on developing the maximum performance in a limited number of laps, to mark a fast lap.

Long run looking for consistent performance, for long runs.

Manual Boost it guarantees us the maximum thrust at a specific moment, for example in overtaking.

Fast charge It is designed to recharge the batteries as soon as possible, and at the highest level, to prepare us to set a fast lap in the subsequent laps.

And although you are impressed by its 1,050 hp, its 900 Nm, its appearance, and that Ferrari has not even given us more specific data on its performance, that is not the most impressive thing about this sports car.

Ferrari FXX K

At the point where FIA puts more obstacles to teams in their development of single-seaters and prototypes, in that of the aerodynamics, fearing that the cars are so fast that misfortunes on the circuits are inevitable, the Ferrari FXX K It is licensed to take full advantage of the latest technology, Ferrari’s best know-how in active aerodynamics, to fly over every curve in its path.

The Ferrari FXX K It has been designed with a very aggressive front, with a splitter that was born as a result of Ferrari’s experience in the GT category of the WEC, of the World Endurance Championship, in which Ferrari has been winning for three consecutive years. Its bodywork has been lowered 30 millimeters compared to LaFerrari. In its body, nothing is props, nothing is casual, all the exterior attachments that you can contemplate have been created to be faster in a straight line and have the aerodynamics on its side to crush every curve.

Special mention should be made of its immense diffuser, or its twin spoiler system in which it seems that its rear wing had been cut without regard. In reality, these twin spoilers are the complement of a larger spoiler that would be integrated into the engine cover itself, like the one used by LaFerrari, only in this case the margin for maneuver is greater, oscillating 6 centimeters more to offer the maximum vertical load in curve. The twin spoilers would take care of maximizing the benefits of this active spoiler.

To 200 km / h at its most aggressive downforce configuration would receive a vertical thrust of 540 kilograms.

Ferrari FXX K

The Ferrari FXX K will have tires slick Pirelli created by and for this sports car. Ferrari and Pirelli have been concerned that the tire has sensors capable of monitoring longitudinal, lateral, radial acceleration, temperature and pressure in each tire. In this way the driver will obtain essential information to adapt his driving to the conditions of the circuit and to adjust the modes of the traction control and the electronic differential.

And is that your Manettino will also allow modifying the degrees of intervention of the electronic differential E-Diff, the traction control F-Trac and the sport control of slip angle, the Racing SSC, as well as the intervention of the anti-lock brakes, the ABS.

The bad news is that you will never see a Ferrari FXX K down the street, it is a machine created exclusively for the circuits. We do not know its price, but we will have to think about the order of several million euros. We also don’t know how many units will be produced. We know that there will be a very limited run of the Ferrari FXX K and that probably all of them have already been awarded to your future clients.

And it is that remember that Corse Clienti XX has not been created for its customers to acquire the sports of track day most exotic and expensive on the planet, but so that its customers have the opportunity to feel like Ferrari Test Drivers. The Ferrari FXX K will be presented this weekend at the Yas Marina circuit, in Abu Dhabi, in the last meeting of Corse Clienti XX, of the tour in which the owners of Ferrari FXX and 599XX travel the circuits of half the world enjoying their machines.

With programs like this, who wouldn’t want to be a billionaire?

Ferrari FXX K


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