Ford Mustang Apollo Edition: space inspiration for a radical 627 hp Mustang

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Under the name Apollo, Apollo Edition, Ford has given life to a Ford Mustang destined to be auctioned at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh an aeronautical meeting where the profits obtained from said auction will go to early childhood education programs including the Young Eagles program, a program aimed at introducing young people between 8 and 17 years old to the world of aviation, but, What is special about this Ford Mustang Apollo Edition?

This unique unit, only one will be produced, has a wide repertoire of improvements that range from its exterior design, with that black and white exterior combination adorned by the American flag and a “United Estates” on the hood.

The changes of your body are not only in the hands of this chromatic combination. We also find an accentuated front splitter, a aileron, heel pads and a diffuser later.

In addition, a new supply of 21 inch wheels and a peculiar system of LED lighting for the underside of this Mustang.

Inside the changes are also quite remarkable and no, not precisely because of the upholstery of their backets or by details such as the threshold of the doors, but by the absence of rear seats, replaced by an emblem with all the insignia of the Apollo program.

The mechanical section is solved with the block 5-liter V8 cubic capacity accompanied for the occasion by a compressor and a new exhaust system, going on to develop a power of 627 horses with a torque of 731 Nm.


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