Ginetta Akula: the new supercar at the Geneva Motor Show

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6.0 V8 engine with almost 600 HP, sequential gearbox, racing aerodynamics and lightweight: the basic characteristics of the new project from the overseas factory.

In perfect time with the advances we had published in recent weeks regarding the imminent presentation of one all new supercar for the historic Woolbridge factory which recently celebrated its sixtieth anniversary since its debut in the Builders’ club, Ginetta leads to the debut, al Geneva Motor Show 2019 and seven and a half years after the creation of its latest model (in chronological order) G60, the unpublished Akula (“Shark” in Russian), supercoupé which stands out for its extensive use of carbon fiber for the chassis and body paneling, the use of aerodynamic solutions resulting from the extensive expertise of the overseas company in the motorsport, and the adoption, in a central position in front of the cockpit, of adrive unit – also derived from racing – with a 6-liter displacement, 8-cylinder V-shaped architecture and a strong one power declared in the order of 600 HP and 705 Nm of maximum torque, combined with a six-speed sequential gearbox, designed “in house” by the technicians of the Leeds factory, in turn connected to the differential by means of a carbon fiber propshaft.

Even if the future of the automotive sector is increasingly aimed at electrified solutions (as the 89 edition of the Geneva Motor Show: here our overview of the hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric novelties on display at PalExpo from Thursday 7 to Sunday 7 March), there is therefore always room for new “traditionally” thermal proposals. And those who expected a naked and raw GT will be satisfied. On the other hand, Ginetta has been part of that niche of typically “British” cars for sixty years: cars produced by small passionate manufacturers, and reserved for a small clientele of enthusiast who want compact models, with lines that emanate sportiness from every millimeter of bodywork, light and agile.

As mentioned, and to stay on the subject of ultralight materials, the same carbon fiber is used in the “backbone” of the new Ginetta Akula, in the body and in the body panels, in order to contain – according to the values ​​declared by the Ginetta technicians – the weight overall of the car below 1,000 kg; and this, despite the fact that it is the largest “road” model ever made by the manufacturer across the Channel. Worth mentioning aerodynamic study, carried out in the Williams wind tunnel, which contributes to producing almost 400 kg of downforce already at 160 km / h: a value close to the aerodynamic performance of the Ginetta competition model deployed in the LMP3 category. L’braking system it is carboceramic. Equally interesting, and unusual being a car with marked “racing” peculiarities, the luggage compartment capacity: 675 liters available behind the rider and passenger.

THE production programs for the new Ginetta Akula, they expect to start it towards the end of 2019, in time to make the first deliveries to customers in January next year. According to some indications “captured” in recent days, the new Leeds supercar will be produced in an ultra-limited series of 20 units, a dozen of which would be already been sold at appropriate prices: around 340,000 pounds “turnkey”, corresponding to 394,000 euros.


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