High alcohol alcohol: this is the Saleen S302 Mustang Black Label

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As if it were a good whiskey, the Saleen S302 Mustang Black Label It has a high alcohol content and is capable of giving us a good kick if we do not have moderation. Because it is the most powerful preparation based on the Ford Mustang ever created by Saleen in its 30 years of existence. It has been presented on the occasion of the New York Hall. Saleen had not presented any drafts for a long time, and the S302 Mustang Black Label marks his return to the ring, and in what way! On the basis of a Ford Mustang GT, the American preparer is able to break the barrier of 700 hp, putting himself at the height of Hennessey.

The war will begin …

730 hp of power and heart-stopping performance at a reasonable cost

The Saleen Mustang escapes from the retro and shelters itself in an aggressive and very powerful modernity.

He Saleen S302 Mustang Black Label It impresses us with a very marked aesthetic. Painted in canary yellow, the American sports car – soon to hit our roads – boasts a very sporty body kit with many changes from the original Mustang. A large part of these changes are agglutinated in a front that features a new grille and a bumper, whose air intake forms a symmetrical duo with the first, with great effect. Its hood also debuts aggressive air intakes. In its lateral profile we have some discreet carbon fiber skirts, but the protagonism is of the 20-inch wheels, Saleen’s own design.

In the rear again the diffuser It is made of carbon fiber, while the area between the optics is darkened. A small spoiler is mounted on the boot lid. The icing on the cake is a side vinyl that reads “302”, a clear homage to the Mustang Boss 302, one of the most glorious lines of American sports cars. The interior of the car is where there are fewer changes, remaining almost completely as standard, except for a new upholstery in Alcantara for sports seats and the Saleen logo located in strategic places, such as the gear lever knob, the steering wheel or a revised instrumentation.

Under the hood is where we find the real party. He 5.0 V8 435 hp As standard it is massaged by a double volumetric compressor with 2.8 liters of capacity. Coupled with reprogrammed electronics and high-flow injectors, the engine now develops a whopping 730 hp, almost 300 hp above its standard figure. The maximum torque is also greatly increased, with a maximum figure of 812 Nm, far from the barely 500 Nm generated as standard. There are not many more performance details, but both the braking equipment and the suspensions have been improved to withstand the increase in power without problems and better brake this very fast wild horse.

Its price? $ 73,214, to change something less than 67,000 euros. It still seems like a reasonable price to pay for a machine that is as powerful as a Lamborghini Aventador SV. It is much more extreme to squeeze 700 HP in the chassis of a Mustang than to do it in that of an Aventador.

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