How To Win A Supercar

How to win a Supercar Guide

Secrets of winning a supercar

Everyone dreams of getting a supercar for themselves. There’s a reason they’ve got the name after all. These cars are some of the most advanced pieces of technology on the planet and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wasn’t impressed with what they can do. 

Unfortunately, these advancements come with some more equally tall prices that many people cannot afford. But what if there was a way to get one of these supercars for less than £5? Thanks to the folks over at Best of the Best plc (commonly referred to as BOTB), that’s now possible. 


Secrets of winning a supercar

How To Win A Supercar

The process to win one of these supercars is quite simple. First, all you have to do is select the supercar or motorcycle that catches your eye. Once you proceed to checkout, you’ll then enter into the “Spot The Ball” competition. 

This is where you are shown a sporting picture with the ball removed. It’s up to you to find where the centre of the ball is and click on that spot. At the end of the week, a panel of experts comes together to judge just who got the closest to the removed ball and that person is declared the winner of the competition.

How To Win A Supercar Video Guide

Can You Win A Supercar?

You most certainly can. It is a weekly competition, giving plenty of chances for users to win their very own supercar. Depending on which car you pick and if you can accurately guess where the ball is in the competition as described above. 

If two players are equidistant to the centre of the ball AND both have another ticket, the one who is closer on the second ticket will be declared the winner. If any player has one ticket, another game of “Spot The Ball” will be played to determine the winner.

What Supercars Can You Win?

This is the fun part. Browsing through over 150 different supercars, picking out which ones you fancy. Perhaps Aston Martin was your dream car growing up, and now you want the opportunity to get a DBS Superleggera? 

Maybe you are a bigger fan of the Italian brands, with both Lamborghini and Ferrari models available. After all, who isn’t a fan of the Huracan Evo and F8 Tributo. How about German efficiency? The Audi RS6 and Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe can fulfill those needs. These are just a few of the many car options that can be sorted through by ticket price, model and style.

Wait, Do People Even Win These Competitions?

Yes they do! With so many fake competitions on the Internet these days, BOTB feels it’s important to prove that there are winners. That is why they have an entire page dedicated to showing past winners of the competition with their new prizes.

Not only is this generally uplifting to see the joy on people’s faces as they receive such valuable new gear, it’s refreshing to see a competition verify that the winners actually get the prize that is offered.

Since 1999, BOTB has given away over £35 million worth of cars to more than 550 winners throughout many different countries. While British players tend to be the majority of winners, that is also because they happen to be the largest group of players.

Real Winners Reviews

Family man Tom has been trying to win an SUV for its practicality and space, so the Velar certainly ticks both those boxes… as well as having all the luxury you’d expect from a Range Rover.
Sash had stated “James Bond” as his surprise contact because “he’ll never win anyway”. But even the MI6’s top agent was no match for Christian when he surprised Sash with a brand new A45S AMG.
Antal recognised Christian straight away, laughingly asking “Did I win?!” before breaking into an even bigger smile when he saw he’d scooped a £38,000 Audi S3 – one of his favourite cars!
Win A Supercar

What Is The Best Way To Win A Supercar?

This is no mere lottery draw, which means that you can’t simply chalk it up to luck. You’ll need to take the best of your skills in order to figure out just where the ball is located in the picture shown. Fortunately, BOTB have provided tools in order to allow those who enter to pinpoint exactly where the missing ball is located.

They give you a line drawing tool. Such a tool seems overly simple with a supercar on the line, but it actually proves to be quite a brilliant tool. You can use it to track the angles in which people are reacting in the picture. For example, if there are four different footballers reacting to a fifth one with absolutely nothing on his foot, it can be hard to simply know where the ball is.

However, with the line drawing tool, you can trace and track directly to where the eyes of those footballers are drawn to. By using the tools given to you and a bit of patient smarts, you’ll have the best opportunity to win a fabulous supercar.

What If I Live Outside of The UK?

This is another common concern for people entering into competitions like these. They often don’t allow for users from around the world to play. However, BOTB are determined to fix that issue, and will ship these supercars around the world to whoever happens to win it, free of charge. However, some countries have import/registration charges that would not be covered. In this instance, BOTB recommends taking the cash alternative on offer (instead of the physical car) and using that cash to buy the car locally.

If you want more details on a variety of different scenarios or specific information on BOTB and their competition, their “How To Play/FAQ” section has plenty more information.

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