If you know little by little the 240 hp of the Alfa Romeo 4C Pogea has the solution

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If you were thinking that the Alfa Romeo 4C it was not well served enough with the 240 horsepower that its 4-cylinder develops as standard Pogea has the solution and offers us a preparation that, among other details, takes the Alfa Romeo Lotus Elise to beyond 300 horses.

The preparation of Pogea involves adding some new carbon fiber bumpers and a new aileron rear, spoiler that not only remains aesthetically pleasing, but also adds an aerodynamic load of 35 kg at 160 km / h.


The new finish that Pogea has given behind the 4C is quite striking with that carbon fiber joint between the optics


… and that new diffuser with a central exhaust outlet.


Mechanically Pogea is in charge of offering us two evolutions. On the one hand an alternative of 293 horses (289 hp), increasing its torque to 415 Nm …


… And on the other a version of 312 horses (308 hp) with a torque of 435 Nm.


Recall that the Alfa Romeo 4C has a standard 1750cc 4-cylinder turbo mechanics that develops 240 hp and 350 Nm, using a combination of rear-wheel drive and dual-clutch gearbox to transfer these figures to the asphalt. In Spain its starting price is 53,990 euros.

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