Illyrian Super Sport: first renderings and project of the Albanian supercar

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A series of images released by the founder of Arrera Automobili reveal what the identity of the 850 hp and 375 km / h supercoupé could be.

An Illyrian supercar, and why not? Moreover, along the central-southern shores of the Adriatic Sea there is a country that has been experiencing a phase of socio-economic development for some time. It is theAlbania, where one day the first national company entirely dedicated to the development of high performance models and, above all, in compliance with international standards.

The project, “on paper”, has something concrete: it is the unpublished Illyrian Pure Sport, and is revealed, through some preview renderings, by the designer Qendrim Thaqi. Which, exactly three years (it was the end of autumn 2017) from the release of Porsche 9RE, a personal study based on the Porsche 918 Spyder, anticipates what the stylistic identity of the supercar which intends to produce in the “Land of Eagles”, and under the brand name of a brand new factory: Arrera Automobili. Indeed, the first Albanian company specializing in the construction of “European” supercars.

Markedly “racing” setting

The first graphic elaborations of Illyrian Pure Sport were disseminated through the Instagram profile of Arrera Automobili, managed by Thaqi himself as founder of the new company. The aesthetics express lines and contents clearly marked by high performance, as well as a pleasant “European” allure; indeed, Italian, particularly visible in the front area of ​​the car body in carbon fiber. Equally aggressive, and also aimed at expressing the technical “specifications” of the vehicle on the road, the design of the rear part, where a series of elements in “visible” carbon and a large aileron they are accompanied by two central tailpipes, placed in a raised position, and to an articulated aerokit.

Behind the cockpit, an 850 HP V8 “motorone”

The technical approach of the supercoupé will be detailed later: on the occasion of the preview information, however, some data to be taken into consideration were “captured” from the Web. And these are rather interesting “voices” for purists of sports cars with a “naked and raw” mechatronic approach. That is: a “Ottovù” from 6.2 liters, with twin-turbo turbocharging, which will be placed in central position, that is behind the driver and passenger, and capable of delivering a maximum power of 850 hp. According to the first rumors, the Illyrian Pure Sport supercar will be equipped with four-wheel drive, and an eight-speed Tremec gearbox with dual clutch control. Architecture and engine displacement lead to the hypothesis that it could be the drive unit LT2 which currently equips the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8, which also makes use – for the first time in the more than sixty-year history of the “flagship” General Motors sports model – of a mid-engine layout.

There is talk of 375 km / h

THE performance values disseminated by the press sources that have made known the novelty appear in line with some of the most performing ultra sports cars currently in circulation, therefore very high: the full speed it should be around 375 km / h, and the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h it would take just 2 ”7.

The new Illyrian Pure Sport appears as a decidedly ambitious project. Later we will learn more about the timing of the supercar as well as the production specifications. For the moment, Albania’s willingness to start developing interesting programs relating to ultra-high performance cars is kept in mind.

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