KTM X-Bow GTX: 530 hp to challenge supercars

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The Austrian sports car becomes closed, increases the cavalry, and remains very light but the price rises to 230,000 euros

There KTM he tries again, back in an overwhelming way in the world of sports cars, indeed very sporty, and he does it with a closed car and sharper than the acrobatic X-Bow of 2007. That was a boat that initially could only be driven with a helmet, while the new Austrian car, which takes the name of X-Bow GTX, looks decidedly more professional, and also encourages you to wear overalls and gloves to push it to the maximum on the fastest circuits in the world.

Audi heart with 530 HP and a weight of just 1,048 kg

Already from the line it is clear that it is not a car born for everyday use, since it looks like an LMP2 class prototype more than a sports one, moreover it boasts a carbon fiber body for a weight of just 1.048 kg, while his heart is a supercharged 2.5-cylinder 2.5 provided from Audi and brought to well 530 hp is 650 Nm of maximum torque. The latter works together with a sequential 6-speed gearbox to give an additional racing touch to the driving experience. Of course, there is no shortage of brakes suitable for the purpose with front discs from 378 mm and rear from 355 mm, respectively with 6-piston and 4-piston calipers.

Sporty and hi-tech cabin

The interior mirrors that of a racing car, and you can see it from the carbon-kevlar seats of the Recaro, by the 6-point seat belts, and from the professional roll-bar, so there is little room for comfort, on the other hand there is no lack of a futuristic touch with screens which transmit the external images captured by the cameras that take the place of the rear view mirrors.

Price of 230,000 euros

To get it it will take well 230,000 euros, so the challenge is no longer to niche sports but accessible to a certain group of enthusiasts, the X-Bow GTX aims directly to the most famous supercars, offering a specialist alternative to the well-known names in motorsport.

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