Lamborghini Aventador S: 740 hp, steering rear axle and closer to the SV

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He Lamborghini Aventador S It is presented as the long-awaited restyling of the Lamborghini Aventador. Lamborghini’s supercar update comes with the aim of significantly improving the Aventador’s possibilities, not only in performance, but also in dynamics thanks to a completely redesigned set-up that places it very close to the Lamborghini Aventador SV, although without resorting to the elaborate aerodynamic package that made the Italian V12 shine at the Nurburgring.


With the arrival of the Lamborghini Aventador halfway through the life cycle, the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory has decided to rethink the positioning of its supercar and take it up a notch in performance and performance. In fact, The use of the name Aventador S is not accidental, as it clearly implies a clear message of the proximity to the Aventador SV with which now only 10 hp separate him and a more elaborate aerodynamic package in favor of the Super Veloce.

Lamborghini has once again revised the naturally aspirated 6.5 V12 engine to achieve the 740 hp maximum power and 690 Nm of torque. In this revision of the propeller the turning ceiling has been increased to 8,500 rpm, before 8,350 rpm. The transmission assembly remains intact, maintaining the ISR 7-speed transmission with all-wheel drive and active torque distribution between trains. The magnetoreological suspension equipment and brakes have also been redesigned to accommodate the new features of the Aventador S.


The big news is the inclusion of a steering wheel system for the rear axle, a solution that promises a great qualitative leap in behavior with better cornering that follows in the footsteps of models like the Ferrari F12tdf. For the Aventador S, Pirelli has developed a new set of specific P Zero tires taking into account its new capacity with the steered rear axle.


But the great redesign that the Lamborghini Aventador S has undergone is found in its bodywork, more specifically in its aerodynamics. Lamborghini wanted to integrate a new package of improvements aimed at improving downforce, making a nod to what the Aventador SV achieved in the green hell. For this it has introduced a new front bumper, a completely new rear diffuser that bears great similarities to that of the Aventador SV and a redesign of the active rear spoiler with three positions depending on the speed. With all that 150% more downforce is generated on the front axle and 50% more on the rear axle.


As the last contribution in this update, Lamoborghini puts itself to the last in infotainment, integrating a new fully digital instrument panel together with a completely revised multimedia interface that now adds Apple CarPlay compatibility standard, and you can also optionally install a telemetry system controlled 100% by the vehicle.


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