Lamborghini SC18 Alston: Squadra Corse’s first road car is a spectacular one-off

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Making custom cars, although from time to time, it is clear that it is a good deal. Lamborghini has surprised us with a spectacular creation, this time in the form of one-off, and that it is the product of the whim of one of the best customers of the Italian manufacturer. Is called Lamborghini SC18 Alston and it is the first road car developed by the people of Squadra Corse, the racing division of Sant’Agata Bolognese. The result, how could it be otherwise, is as spectacular and dramatic as usual at Lamborghini.

The SC18 Alston is the first one-off developed by the Squadra Corse. In these cases, development is not understood without the direct influence of the client

Squadra Corse and Centro Stile Lamborghini team up to create the Lamborghini SC18 Alston

Lamborghini SC18 Alston is the first one-off developed by the Squadra Corse folks, but it’s not just their thing: they’ve worked together with the Centro Stile Lamborghini and with the client to end up having as a result an apparently racing car but approved for driving on the street.

It is obvious and obvious that the SC18 Alston takes the base of an Aventador S; yes: with an aerodynamics taken to the extreme that drinks from the competition. On the front hood there are air intakes in the style of the Huracán GT3 EVO, but most everything else is inspired by the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO– From the aggressive front bumper, the wheel arches, the side air intakes or the roof shark fin.

The SC18 Alston has 780 hp and draws on the Huracán Super Trofeo and Huracán GT3 competition, especially in regards to aerodynamics and visual appearance.

The aerodynamic package is completed with a Huge three-position mechanically adjustable carbon fiber spoiler to adapt the downforce on each circuit. Just ahead of it, on the bonnet, are twelve air intakes to increase heat exchange and improve cooling for the V12 below. To round off the whole, in the rear we find the corresponding diffuser and one no less striking exhaust arrangement. The result is a car that is visually closer to a racing car than the series car, which does not lack a complete telemetry system, but is still a Aventador S vitaminized.

A unique creation for which the price is not asked

The engine that drives this machine is the 6.5 liter atmospheric V12 riding the Aventador S, which this time has 780 hp at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 720 Nm at 6,750 revolutions. The transmission is also the same seven-speed ISR box from the Aventador S (perhaps with some modifications from software) and those responsible for transferring the power to the ground are Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires.

That all the bodywork is manufactured in carbon fiber It has allowed to reduce the weight with respect to the Aventador S, despite the fact that there are more panels and elements in the body, although Lamborghini has not revealed the figure. He Grigio Daytona of the bodywork, with red accents, is combined with a cabin in black Alcantara (Nero Ade) with red stitching and seats type bucket carbon fiber.

Someone, of course, knew little about the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and wanted to go further. A whim of a wealthy client of which there will only be one copy, or so Lamborghini says … For the price, in these cases, he does not ask.

Source: Lamborghini


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