Long live the 12 cylinders: Volkswagen presents its new 608 hp W12 TSI

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Volkswagen is determined to convert its W12 engines into the best twelve cylinders on the market. After analyzing Volkswagen’s keys to defend the use of W engines, what is clear is that this movement responds more to a brand image argument than to true technical superiority. Even so, Volkswagen reaffirms its bet by unveiling the latest evolution of the W12 engine in the form of 6.0 W12 TSI Twin-Turbo, adding that this is the most economical twelve-cylinder in its segment and that It has been designed to withstand off-road use with a nod to the Bentley Bentayga.

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The Volkswagen group wants to be the last manufacturer to make use of twelve-cylinder engines, an idea that has been proposed through a strategy of constant evolution of this engine present in the Bentley (supercharged) and Volkswagen and Audi (atmospheric) ranges. Although we are talking about a complex design and not as refined as the V12, we are facing a versatile and compact engine that has a significant margin for improvement in performance and consumption.

Volkswagen’s goal in this latest 6.0 W12 redesign has been to improve powertrain efficiency., one of his pending subjects. In order to improve consumption figures, Volkswagen has pulled its technological arsenal using a dual injection system – direct and indirect -, supercharging through Twin-Scroll type twin turbocharger, system Start / stop, cylinder deactivation and reduction of energy losses due to friction. Volkswagen also adds a new lubrication system designed to withstand off-road use, confirming that this engine will be that the Bentley Bentayga debuts under its hood this specification of 608 CV.

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The new W12 TSI will be able to deactivate the six cylinders of the left bank to reduce consumption

Although the new W12 TSI has been unveiled by Volkswagen, Bentley will be the manufacturer of the group that gets the most out of this new design. The W12 engines have become the maximum reference of the British firm, having awarded the entire production of this propellant at the Crewe plant in the United Kingdom. With 608 hp at 6,000 rpm Y 900 Nm between 1,500 and 4,500 rpm, the new 6.0 W12 TSI speaks of accelerations of 0-100 Km / h under 4 seconds and a top speed above 300 km / h.

Source: Volkswagen
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