Lotus Exige S Automatic: from manual gearbox to paddles behind the wheel

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Lotus expands its catalog with a new variant of the Lotus Exige. The most performing variant of the Hethel catalog has earned a new automatic transmission And for those who are already throwing their hands to their heads there is good news: we will like more to drive a car with manual gearbox, but at least, This automatic alternative promises to be as fast as the manual transmission alternative.

Its acceleration is a tenth faster than the manual and is just as fast on the Hethel circuit. Changes occur in 240 milliseconds.

Ready to increase the range of possible customers of the brand, which until now offered us to the demands only with manual gearbox, Lotus introduces this automatic gearbox that will become available for both roadster and coupe variants.

The gearbox is a Toyota Genuine Torque Converter tuned by Lotus, the same change used in the Lotus Evora but duly adapted to the demands of the Exige.

This gearbox can be operated manually with paddles located behind the steering wheel, with an extra cost compared to the manual transmission of 2,185 euros.

Under the hood this alternative keeps the 3.5-liter V6 engine with a power of 350 horses delivered to the rear axle and a pair of 400 Nm. Prestationally marks a 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, 1 tenth faster than the manual version, marking a maximum speed of 261 km / h in the case of the Coupé and 233 km / h in the case of the roadster.

Its consumption figures (and therefore emissions) is lower than that of the manual gearbox. Mark an average consumption of 9.6 l / 100 km and its CO2 emissions of 222 g / km.

Source: Lotus
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