Lotus Exige Sport 350, a sports car Colin Chapman would be proud of

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He Lotus Exige Sport 350 It is the newest member of the Lotus family. It is a car that replaces the Exige S, it is therefore a mechanical update of it. Lotus has given up hopes of creating a new family of up to 5 new sports cars, and has focused on evolving its traditional range. The new Exige Sport 350 stands out for its nods to the past of Lotus, as well as an even lighter construction, associated with a higher power level. All in all, it sticks firmly to Colin Chapman’s recipe.

Its weight is 1,125 kilos, 51 kg lighter than the Exige S that it has replaced in the Lotus range.

To begin with, the starting recipe is the same. In his gut beats the same 3.5 V6 supercharged by compressor – Toyota origin – with 345 hp of power and an interesting 400 Nm torque, coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox. However, it is a car 51 kg lighter than the Lotus Exige S. It achieves this thanks to a weight loss diet that has eliminated insulation, has installed both a lighter battery, light silent blocks or light pipes for the air conditioning system.

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The center console has also been redesigned, revealing the precious gearbox mechanism. The engine cover is also lighter. Optionally we can order light alloy wheels, which reduce the weight of the car by an additional 5 kilos. They really have scratched where they can, without sacrificing functionality. Accelerate up to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, achieving a top speed of 274 km / h. If we opt for the optional 6-speed automatic transmission, the 0 to 100 km / h drops by one tenth.

It will go on sale in Europe in February 2016, and on the Lotus website it has already replaced the Exige S Coupé.

But it’s a Lotus, no one in their right mind would buy it with a manual gearbox. The suspension geometry has been revised, as well as its hardness. his new aerodynamic kit increases downforce to 42 kilos at 160 km / h. It is a car made for enjoyment and high performance on the track. This is where all these changes make sense: it is capable of giving a back to Hethel’s test track in 1: 29.8, two seconds faster than the Lotus Exige S of equal power to which it replaces.

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That is the real success of the Lotus Exige Sport 350. Aesthetically there are not many changes, although there are differences in the aerodynamic kit of the vehicle. It is inside the car that Lotus makes a small nod to its past, with a new plaid fabric upholstery. A yellow and black color scheme identical to the one that was released on the Lotus Esprit S1 40 years ago, in the distant year 1976. If desired, we can also order the brake calipers to be painted in other colors.

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