Making contact with the Audi S3 Sportback: 300 hp and all-wheel drive for the “Indomitable”

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When we tested the Audi A3 1.8 TFSI 180 CV S Tronic we came to the conclusion that it was a powerful and somewhat spicy engine, but not excessively sporty, but more oriented to comfort. In this case Audi has not left an intermediate point, but two different versions such as day and night. We talk about Audi S3, a car with a huge difference between what it appears – relatively discreet – and what it is: a wild bull.

We started the contact by going up a mountain road by the Sierra de Malaga. The first thing that strikes us is its sound, or rather, roar. I was expecting a somewhat more gentrified, calm and docile car, but with its sound it warns me that it is not a toy. When starting and accelerating slightly, an exhaust sound begins that, with the window open, makes us think that we are facing a car with a central engine. Yes, it is possible to end up in automotive hell for making such a claim, but it is also true that the S3 could be the missing link between a compact street and a sports car with all the letters.

After listening to its sound, it is clear to me that it is not a toy, so we approach it like a wild animal: little by little. The straight acceleration convinces, but the interesting thing is to test its chassis. We started with acceleration out of the corner, accelerating progressively as we straightened the steering wheel. But first one last check: even though I know, I don’t like to trust my memory, so I check that the Quattro it is present on the dashboard. A front-wheel drive with 300 hp does not fit in my head, but if this had been, I would not like to discover it by coming out of a curve but by reading a technical sheet.

So we entered the curve and as we exited we stepped on the accelerator progressively, but not smoothly enough not to annoy the animal, which began to tremble. Half a second in which the rear axle goes a bit, although the ESP you don’t get to act, the Quattro drive gets you back on track. Which makes me smile as big as the best of Tiff Needell or Jeremy Clarkson. Without so much charisma, but just as great.

Next curve and again acceleration at the exit, same result. A little wiggle without ESP until you get back on the road. If most Audi cars, even sports cars, are tame, the S3 is one of the exceptions. It so happens that a few hours later he would drive an Audi R8 V10, which you can read soon in Supercars Search Engine Altas Pertaciones. And yes, taking into account the difference in power and car, the S3 continues to surprise by its rebellion.

Block 2.0 TFSI that delivered 265 CV in the previous generation goes up this time to 300 CV. A specific power of 150 hp per liter, even if it is turbocharged, is not a figure that is seen every day.

Audi S3

Its behavior helps the reduction of 60 kg compared to its predecessor, and the “aggressive” response is attributed above all to the S Tronic change that this unit mounted, since there is also a manual version. The 300 hp is delivered between 5,500 and 6,200 rpm, hence we blame the S Tronic gearbox in Sport mode for such a sudden rise in laps at the exit of a curve without manually downshifting. I disagree with those who say that automatic transmissions are better… but if I disagree it does not mean that they are wrong.

Any negative points? Yes, although it is a matter of taste, it is rare that a car with such special behavior is so similar in its interior to an A3 with S-Line kit. At Audi they have chosen to be conservative in the new A3 – It makes sense, if something works, don’t touch it – but inside you miss something more of life. On the outside, the 18-inch wheels with 225/40 measures and other details such as the calipers with S3 inscription differentiate it, but when it is up, the difference is more in the ear, neck and hands than in the eyes.

The S3 is available in three-position and Sportback bodies, with an Audi S3 sedan coming soon. It has a price that starts from 42,800 in its three-door version and 44,320 in Sportback bodywork (five doors).

So much BMW as Mercedes currently have more powerful versions, the Mercedes A 45 AMG 360 hp and BMW 320 hp M135i, although it is possible that in a year or two we will see an Audi RS3 on the table. A good time for those who love compact bodywork and sportiness, two concepts that seem to get along very well.

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