McLaren 570S: first impressions live Is it just another McLaren?

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I’ll start with my final conclusion: the McLaren 570S it is much more than it appears in photos. McLaren’s new sports car has landed on the Amsterdam Motor Show as the first date in Europe after his debut at the New York Hall. The images we have seen to date show us a continuous sports car, not very ambitious according to the angles … but I already tell you that this is not the case. It certainly maintains the design philosophy that Frank Stephenson has created for McLaren, but the new McLaren 570S has its own personality.


To rival a Porsche 911, the McLaren 570S sins of an overly sporty design, however its interior shows the interest in improving comfort and functionality

The optics are the riskiest point where McLaren has wanted to offer a step forward with respect to what is already known. With inspiration more than evident in the McLaren P1, the new McLaren “baby” debuts a new front and rear where aerodynamics play a key role, but where the 570S wanted to provide a breath of fresh air. On the front, the angle introduced in its nose is striking, highlighting the fall of the hood with boomerang-type optics, but with much more vertical proportions. Are we facing the first step of a new design language at McLaren? The rear is perhaps the best resolved point with a main diffuser, but perfectly integrated into a rear that is framed by exhaust and LED optics of rigorous premiere.


The side view is where the McLaren 570S most demonstrates its evolving condition. There is no doubt that this is a McLaren from the Stephenson era, with an organic design full of games with the air channels. Still, details like mirrors or double splitter integrated in the door under the upper air intake they show us that everything has a reason. There is identity and character in the strokes, and although the comparisons are odious, the design of the new 570S reflects the best of its predecessors. It looks fresh, aside from the overloaded design of the P1.


A carbon fiber monocoque and a single V8 engine are enough for McLaren to cover a wide spectrum of the sports car market.

The most striking aspect of the new 570S quite possibly is not on the outside, but on the inside. For the first time I see a cabin that does not prioritize the idea of ​​a competition vehicle, it looks wide, well resolved and with ergonomics in controls and access designed for daily use. I still cannot find the functionality of a Porsche 911 as a sports car for day to day, but without a doubt the interior of the new McLaren 570S distances itself from its older brothers by betting on greater apparent comfort.


In short, I cannot deny that the McLaren 570S has surprised me very pleasantly, making me even more happy to learn that McLaren wants to continue growing in this segment with the McLaren 540C. The next step of this model is to show that it has indeed managed to find that difficult balance point between sportiness and comfort accompanied by a price that really makes it the anti-911.


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