McLaren 625C: Why build a less radical sports car?

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Has McLaren taken a step back? Yes, and they have done it knowingly to satisfy the demand of the Asian market. He McLaren 625C is the answer to a growing request in Asia, where it was demanded a more functional and comfortable sports car for day to day, but without losing the image that gives life to the McLaren 650S. McLaren did not take long to find the most successful solution, adapting the behavior of the McLaren 650S to a not so extreme profile. Let’s discover the McLaren 625C.

McLaren 625C

This movement seems to be the least peculiar, and is that usually the changes are always in an upward direction to culminate in the most performance and radical variant. McLaren has announced that the McLaren 625C will only be available for the Asian market, its current best and largest buyer in numbers, so this is a logical move in light of the importance of this market for the Woking-based firm. If Asia demands a more refined sports car, McLaren has built it.

McLaren 625C

The sole objective of the whole overhaul was to increase comfort and reduce the extreme character of the McLaren 650S. In short, the essence of a Gran Turismo has been sought, starting from an approach designed to devour circuits, adapting the new letter C (Club) as a reference to the new approach. The end result is nothing more than a suitable offer to a very specific audience capable of demanding functionality from an entire McLaren. Still, it would be extremely interesting to see first-hand if the changes introduced are capable of altering the essence of the McLaren 650S so much.

McLaren 625C

Propeller 3.8 V8 Twin Turbo now produces 625 hp at 7,250 rpm and achieves a torque of 610 Nm between 3,000 and 7,000 rpm. All hardware and software in charge of managing change control SSG seven-speed, active chassis and powerplant, has been thoroughly revised under the new premise. At the same time the suspension has been revised and a new set of shock absorbers has been introduced together with a revision of the rear axle geometry to lose stiffness at this point.

McLaren 625C

The performance of the McLaren 625C continues to be similar to that of the McLaren 650S. To perform the 0-100 km / h the McLaren 625C takes 3.1 seconds, while the 200 km / h is reached in 8.8 seconds. The maximum speed remains intact with respect to the McLaren 650S with a peak of 333 km / h for the coupe body and 329 km / h for the Spider body.

The McLaren 625C will begin its sales in Hong Kong from this moment, being available in both coupe and spider bodywork. Little by little it will begin to reach other Asian markets, although there is no possibility of McLaren introducing the new 625C in Europe or the US, so in these parts we will continue to enjoy the McLaren 650S as the only access to the range.

And which one do you prefer? 625C or 650S?

McLaren 650S


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