McLaren 650S: all the data of the new Woking machine

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He McLaren 650S it is discovered in all its magnificence by revealing the data regarding its features, which, taking a quick look, do nothing but highlight the underlying idea of ​​this new creation in search of getting as close as possible to the latest creations of its most direct rivals with the Ferrari 458 Speciale leading the way.

From Woking they surprised us by describing the McLaren 650S as a new model that would be one step higher than the McLaren 12C. Seen what is seen, it’s hard to talk about a true new model, but it is fair to say that the improvements made by McLaren are of such a significant importance that they make the McLaren 650S a new point in the British firm’s reduced range.

McLaren 650S: getting closer to its rivals

McLaren 650S

On paper, the McLaren 650S is at the same level as the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Will it succeed on the track?

Thus, the data that we all expected was none other than the time to run the 0-100 km / h, well, the McLaren 650S nails the 100 km / h from standstill in a time of 3 seconds thus equaling the Ferrari 458 Speciale. The power of the 3.8 liter V8 engine supercharged by twin turbocharger increases to 650 hp at 7,250 rpm, while the torque is 678 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

The introduction of standard carbon-ceramic braking equipment makes the McLaren 650S a more efficient machine when it comes to braking: from 100-0 Km / h in just 30.5 meters, coincidentally an identical figure to that offered by the Brembo-signed brake team that installs the 458 Speciale. The top speed of the McLaren 650S grows to 333 km / h compared to the 328 km / h that signs the 12C.

McLaren 650S

At all times, McLaren recalls that the official performance of the 650S is subject to the use of Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires developed at the time for the McLaren MP4-12C that brought McLaren back to market with its own chassis and powertrain. The front axle installs 235/35 size tires R19, while the rear end accommodates 305/30 R20.

McLaren and the concept of constant evolution

McLaren 650S

The constant evolution of these models has led McLaren to leap forward in the 12C to create the 650S

He McLaren 650S also receives a slimming cure that leaves the curb weight in 1,330 Kg, a plus point that is added to the introduction of the new aerodynamic profile that is inherited from the McLaren P1 in its front section. The characteristic airbrake remains behind the 650S, further underlining its role in pushing this British two-seater to the limit with an increase in downforce of no less than 24%.

The philosophy of continuous evolution with which McLaren develops its products is more than evident considering what the new McLaren 650S is and what it is not.. Although the firm tells us about a new model, it is certainly difficult for us to understand that this is the case until the McLaren 12C from which it derives passes away.

All in all, the McLaren 650S promises to improve in every way where the McLaren 12C already shines. The arrival of Ferrari 458 Speciale and the new Lamborghini hurricane they are proof that the evolution of these models is an independent world, a world where any excuse is enough to mark a red line and go further.

McLaren 650S

Source: McLaren
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