McLaren P1 GTR – The Ultimate Driving Experience. The new Sunday drivers’ club

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Imagine that your life is worthy of the best driving video game. That you have enough money to afford any sports car on the face of the Earth, but you always have that thorn stuck in it, that bitter feeling of not being able to enjoy the best of the world of competition. Sometimes we believe that the only important thing to compete is to have money. Nothing is further from reality. A good pilot, experienced in runs and circuit sessions, does not have to feel confident and confident in his abilities to make the leap into competition.

And that is where McLaren wants to cover a niche that, except for programs like Ferrari experimental ones, very few brands have dared to offer. That was our excuse to tell you about the “Sunday Drivers Club”, about the Ferrari programs FXX and 599 XX. And without a doubt, the McLaren P1 GTR get fully into that “Sunday Drivers Club” to offer one of the best driving experiences for your money.

The reference to Ferrari FXX It is not free, nor is it a useful comparison, as the McLaren P1 GTR it has also been designed solely for circuit. Owning a McLaren P1 GTR it is more than just enjoying one of the most exclusive sports cars in the world, It means joining the McLaren family, enjoying one of the best driving experiences ever created., have at your disposal a team of McLaren engineers and trainers, follow the program used for years by the McLaren Formula 1 team drivers and their promising youngsters.

That is why McLaren does not sell a sports car, but rather gives its customers the opportunity to enter the McLaren driver program. P1 GTR.

McLaren P1 GTR

The client – from now on, pilot – is invited to Woking to visit its facilities and begin a preparation that begins long before taking the reins of this purebred for the first time. McLaren engineers and instructors are responsible for providing you with as much information as possible about the operation of your future sports car. Before going on the track, the pilot has the opportunity to prepare in the simulators that Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen usually use., to become familiar with the circuits, learn the entry and exit points of each turn, find your limits as a pilot.

The rider is always advised by a trainer who will prepare him to get the most out of his hands and his machine. Think of a McLaren P1 GTR It is more than an extraordinarily fast sports car, consider that the street P1 we knew has become the missing link between a racing GT and an endurance prototype, Le Mans style.

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren tells us that in its cabin, which for the first time has been shown to us in great detail, it has been installed a regulatory safety cage and carbon fiber seats, style DTM, with anchors of HANS. The seats are created to suit the driver, requiring a sizing of the driver’s measurements to later proceed to production. In short, this car is a true racing sports car but, in any case, as it is not homologated for any competition, Mclaren has had the freedom to take the mechanical and aerodynamic work to a level that a GT could never reach with the regulations in hand.

McLaren P1 GTR

The McLaren P1 GTR it will enjoy technologies that are not very different from those used in Formula 1 cars. impressive Formula 1-style steering wheel, inspired by that of the MP4-2. 3 with which Hamilton was crowned world champion, he will have access to different driving maps, also to technologies such as DRS and the IPAS, a specific assistance that increases the power developed by the vehicle for certain situations, for example an overtaking.

McLaren P1 GTR

After this intense preparation, the driver and his machine, the participants of the McLaren program P1 GTR they will be able to take action in a route that during its first year will cover six of the most famous circuits on the Formula 1 calendar. At each circuit, you will have a technical team responsible for your McLaren P1 GTR, a personal trainer and a chief engineer in charge of analyzing the telemetry and video images of each run to help the pilot achieve the best possible times.

The McLaren program P1 GTR on video

McLaren P1 GTR


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