Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG by IMSA: more carbon fiber, more power

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IMSA, the German coach, let’s not confuse it with the International Motor Sports Association, he proposes a new twist for the Mercedes “dinosaur”, an extra spice for the performance alternative of the Mercedes G-Class, the Mercedes G 63 AMG, which is now presented with extra power and new components for its exterior and interior.

The Mercedes G 63 AMG delivers 544 hp as standard.

The IMSA preparation passes a body kit composed of 16 components in which the carbon fiber, finding us with a new grill, new details for the front bumper, a new hood, new mirrors, side air intakes or some new wheel arches.

Inside we see a new upholstery with a two-color finish Y a center console marking distances between the rear seats, now individual, where they have also located controls for the seats (heating, ventilation …), thus also turning this G 63 AMG into a kind of high-flying offroad limousine.


Mechanically the engine 5.5-liter V8 The Mercedes G 63 AMG has been spiced up for the occasion with a new exhaust system and rigorous reprogramming to achieve the 730 horses with a couple of 1,035 Nm.

IMSA has also been in charge of dressing the cycle part with a new set of 22-inch wheels with tires with dimensions of 305/40 and new shock absorbers.

Other preparations of the Mercedes G-Class:

Mercedes G-Class by Mansory
Armored Mercedes G 63 AMG from Inkas Armored
Mercedes G 63 AMG by Brabus

Mercedes G-Class: recently renovated

In May Mercedes upgraded to the Mercedes G-Class, we tell you all about it in the article “2015 Mercedes G-Class: What’s New Old?”

IMSA Mercedes G 63 AMG Image Gallery:



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