Most expensive modern sports car ever sold: € 7,500,000 for a McLaren F1

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It is true that we are facing the panacea of ​​the High Performance sports car, born to sweep away, to become the icon of an era of the automobile, of the experience of competition and, curiously, of a brand without the endorsement of any trajectory in what which refers to street sports. Season this recipe with a circulation limited to just over sixty cars, capable of turning a LaFerrari, 918 Spyder or McLaren P1 into a sports car mainstream. The result, a sports car that already trades over 7.5 million euros, boasting of being, without a doubt, one of the most expensive modern sports cars that have ever been sold.

We are talking about a McLaren F1 with a lot of history behind it, a brand new unit in red Grand prix and with chassis number # 28. This McLaren F1 was built for Mario Andretti himself, of which it would still retain a signature behind the driver’s sun visor. From the Italian-American legend it would pass into the hands of a Japanese collector and later into the hands of some Californians. But this McLaren F1 returns home, to the United Kingdom, with only a one-way ticket that has cost its owner more than six million pounds sterling.

Just mentioning the fact that its new owner could well have invested that money in six units of the new McLaren P1, one of each color, is food for thought.

We knew that the McLaren F1 is a highly valued sports car, which reaches astronomical prices, especially if we talk about editions as special as the McLaren F1 LM, F1 GT and F1 GTR, the latter of competition. Already in 2013 a unit was auctioned for more than six million euros. But even so, it never ceases to surprise us that the prices of these sports cars do not stop growing, at an unstoppable rate, that there are always customers willing to pay a huge amount of dollars, pounds or euros, in a classic with all the letters. And the best of all is that it does not seem that we are facing a passing bubble.

Apparently, a British passionate about sports cars and without too many problems to make ends meet, turned to a British specialist, to DK Engineering. Your consultants spent more than six months finding the right car for your client, who was probably already very clear about what he wanted.

McLaren F1 continues to set records. To find a classic that has been sold for a similar amount, or higher, we would have to travel to historical Bugatti or Ferrari models, born several decades ago, for which they have been paid around 20 million euros. But hands down, this 28th McLaren F1 is the most expensive modern sports car ever sold.

The arrival of the Bugatti Veyron, in 2005, would snatch the title of the fastest sports car on the face of the Earth. But what nobody will be able to forget is that that McLaren F1 from the early nineties managed to caress 390 km / h without the need for any turbo. Which has its merit.

Photographs: DK Engineering
More information: Jalopnik | Daily Mail

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