“My car of the year: the last of its kind”

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Is a good time to look back and take stock of the already concluded 2014. I cannot deny that this past year will be a very difficult season to forget and, almost certainly, unrepeatable. This year I have been able to enjoy driving some of the most coveted cars on the scene, delight in the good work of manufacturers who tell their story by victories in competition and, especially, try to tame thousands of horses on some of the best mountain roads or circuits. But as among all these experiences I have to look for a candidate for best car of the year, I can’t deny the obviousness behind everything posted, choosing the Ferrari 458 Speciale as the absolute winner.

Ferrari: the year of transition

I remember how at the beginning of the year I could not guess that I would have the opportunity to transmit to you the experiences that I have lived throughout this 2014. From my heart, I can only say that it was a pleasure. Choose the Ferrari latest atmospheric V8 It has a lot of that, of heart, of passion, of nostalgia … When I first got under its control it was on a mountain road, enjoying its sensations but admitting that this creature could barely give me 60% of all its potential .

The Speciale label came as an ode to the best that Ferrari could create from an 8-cylinder engine. The most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine in the history of Ferrari produces 605 hp over the magical figure of 9,000 revolutions per minute, and among its handicaps is the difficult task of going down in history as the last of its kind and giving up the baton to a new V8 accompanied by a pair of turbochargers. For this reason I promised you a second appointment with the 458 Speciale, an appointment that took place in the Ascari circuit and in which I was able to squeeze the full potential of this Ferrari and burn into my memory as one of the best days of all of 2014.

But there were more Ferrari in High Performance Supercars Search Engine, because some time later we got to the controls of the Ferrari California T. Ferrari’s hardtop convertible arrived on the market with a forceful tuning of its character, hiding under its hood the prancing horse’s first step towards the new Turbo era. I have to admit that the first kilometers at the controls of this cabrio were full of skepticism, but it only took a twisty area to see that this Ferrari, although different from everything known, inaugurated a promising era full of torque in everything the tachograph.

Luxury raised to the nth degree by Bentley

I also remember the moment I received that call in which a succulent plan like few others was proposed to me. Bentley had its 2014 range available to be analyzed on an idyllic route that ran through some towns in the province of Malaga. When I receive the event planning, I can’t help but use the calculator to find out what power figure they add up to among the four models that I will be able to test. The surprise could not be greater when finding the result, and it is that get used to the idea that your task for the weekend is to squeeze 2,240 CV it is, to say the least, a very interesting plan.

Although it may seem strange, my goal for this Bentley proposal was not in the search for maximum performance, but in enjoyment through all the senses. I knew that the dizzying power and torque figures were reason enough to understand that Bentley models are more than just automobiles, yet my focus was on observation and enjoyment through the craftsmanship behind each. detail, in each finish, in each seam and in each exposed wood grain.

He Bentley Mulsanne I was so impressed as to refer to premium manufacturers as simple car manufacturers. But if there was a Bentley that marked me, that was the Bentley Continental GTC. Its poise and smoothness while circulating at heart-stopping speeds, and especially in the open air, I have never experienced before in another model. Perhaps this Bentley is for me the best definition of Gran Turismo.

Sensations and technique ahead of everything

F-Type R Vs A45 AMG Vs Golf R

But 2014 was not only a matter of large sums of money, there was time for everything and for all audiences. It is true that the Ferrari 458 Speciale was something else, however I cannot avoid saving a part of that shared heart for him. Jaguar F-Type. I have no doubt that the F-Type is the sports car of the moment. It has character, sound, transmits sensations and enjoys one of the most personal designs of the moment. In one of the most subjective articles I have published to date, in which I offered 5 reasons why I will always choose a Jaguar F-Type and not a Porsche 911, I tell you why this Briton has won me over.

Finally, I did not want to miss the opportunity to remember the intoxicating Maserati Ghibli S, the excellent Mercedes A45 AMG or the fun MINI John Cooper Works. Three cars that, playing in other leagues far removed from the above, put enough courage on the table to draw you a smile on each line, each turn and each gurgling that emanates from their respective exhausts. Saloon, compact and urban shared the same objective, to offer the driver a torrent of performance and sensations that would transport us to the best of the circuits.

F-Type R Vs A45 AMG Vs Golf R

If you want to relive some of these reports …

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Today, 2015, I promise you that I will continue working to try to bring to your screens each experience generated in this world. I already have candidates on my agenda who will seek to improve what has already been achieved, so don’t go too far, this new year looks promising. Thanks to all the human team that gives life to Diarimotor, but especially thanks to you for always being there and sharing this love for motoring.


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