Pagani: the supercar family is enriched with the C9

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At the Paris Motor Show the new and exclusive supercoupé. 700 hp AMG V12 engine, carbon body, titanium frame. It will cost 900,000 euros

At the Paris Motor Show the new and exclusive supercoupé. 700 hp AMG V12 engine, carbon body, titanium frame. It will cost 900,000 euros

It will be called C9 the future Pagani supercar. This was confirmed by Horacio Pagani himself, in an interview that appeared on the site in recent days Auto Argentina Blog. Super motorized, super bodywork, super in everything … The description of the characteristics of the handcrafted coupé is pleonastic, if it refers only to theappeal and the aesthetic aspect of the two-seater in carbon fiber that the Argentine manufacturer will have made, as already happened for the Zonda, in an atelier in Modena.

The engine of the C9 is maintained by AMG

First of all, it should be specified that the future Pagani supercar – expected, as announced by the owner of the company – for the end of 2010, will be produced in 40 specimens per year: a quantity higher than what was implemented for the Zonda, which in recent years has been the backbone of the very limited production of Pagani.

The engine, placed in a central rear position, will bear the signature of the AMG. In Affalterbach, at the headquarters of the Mercedes sports department, the technicians will allocate part of the engines for mounting on the chassis of the C9.

In detail, it will be the twin turbocharged 700 HP 6-liter V12 which is already part of the AMG engine fleet and is equipped with a couple monstrous of 1000 Nm. Compared to the Zonda R, therefore, it “loses” something in terms of maximum power (the gap between the two supercars is about 50 HP), but it gains a lot, a lot in terms of torque: a good 250 Nm, which is to say the value of a medium-sized car.

How many parts for the C9 engine and chassis

Obviously, in a car with these characteristics, the choice of components is of prime importance. Between engine and chassis, the C9 will consist of ben 3,770 details, not least the material chosen for it chassis and the body, which will be in titanium and carbon fiber. The tires will be made by Pirelli specially for this car. Electronics, developed by Bosch, Horacio Pagani announced, will also be exclusive.

In addition: the C9 is also designed taking into account the regulations on crash safety in the United States and California’s strict Emissions Laws.

We will see the Zonda C9 at the Paris Motor Show

At this point, all that remains is to wait for the moment in which the supercoupé will be presented to the public. The presentation is scheduled for October, on the occasion of Paris Salon.

A crowd of visitors is expected around the stand… Clearly, a little less at the booking offices: the price sales of the C9 was, in fact, estimated at 900 thousand euros.

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