Paris Motor Show 2018: between supercars and electric cars

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Passion challenges the future at the 2018 Paris Motor Show where the most extreme supercars mix with zero-impact innovations.

Glittering, bewitching, the stands of the Paris Motor Show sent out a clear message: the future is more and more electric! Renault even exhibited the first zero-impact Renault 5 that stood out in its celestial livery among the futuristic self-driving concepts and concrete cars like the Zoe that we recently tested during an event of the French company. Also SUVs have married this technology adapting it to different sizes such as the compact one of the DS3 Crossback, only 4.12 meters long, and capable of covering 300 km on a single charge.

The new declared autonomy is even more daring KIA e-Niro which, with the battery compartment of 64 kWh, even promises 485 km of autonomy. About 85 km more than the most important high-wheeled innovations in the dimensions proposed by Audi and Mercedes, respectively, the e-tron and the EQC. But the electric it has also contaminated sports cars, like the Peugeot e-Legend concept.

In this panorama of novelties on tap here is that some pure sports cars, designed exclusively for driving pleasure, and beautiful to go crazy, have acted as a counterbalance to the new one that advances, and have reminded us that the car is also passion, overwhelming, unconscious, raging passion! We are talking about the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 and the Porsche 911 Speedster.

Open cars, to run in the wind, aspirate, like the cars of the past, those for purists, and with a lot of horsepower to satisfy the most savvy drivers. Their lines are beautiful, smooth, and you want to jump into them even when they are off and displayed in the golden frame of the Paris Salon.

Who knows how the 810hp V12 one or two-seater Ferraris, the first for pure selfish, the second designed to share a unique object with someone very lucky. And we want to talk about the 6-cylinder boxer aspirated by 500 hp of the 911 Speedster when it comes to 9,000 rpm? Unfortunately they will be cars for the few, in the case of the Porsche, which will be produced alone 1,948 specimens, and for very few in the case of Ferraris, which will be built alone 499 units that the Maranello company will offer to its dearest customers.

In short, the car continues to make you dream, but also to evolve and who knows what the new does not take its cue from the past to maintain the enthusiasm that has always distinguished a unique, unrepeatable vehicle, and has always been synonymous with freedom.

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