Porsche Cayman S Racing Yellow: yellow is in fashion

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Porsche Exclusive Give us a special edition again, this time based on the Porsche Cayman. With great determination to make the yellow hue the only protagonist of this sports car, Porsche Exclusive has painted as much as possible in this color, including numerous elements of the interior to give life to the Porsche Cayman S Racing Yellow. On a technical level, no improvements have been made, having to “settle” for the 325 hp of the six-cylinder boxer and its more passionate approach than that offered by the 911 Carrera saga.

Porsche Cayman S Racing Yellow

The increasingly valued Porsche Cayman, and I say this because it is increasingly uncovered as an interesting alternative to the Porsche 911, faces the end of the second stage of its commercial life after a major restyling suffered in 2013. To pay tribute to the most jovial spirit and racing of this model, Porsche Exclusive will put this Racing Yellow edition on sale exclusively for the European market.

Porsche Cayman S Racing Yellow

The exterior has minimal modifications focused on the introduction of the “Cayman S” logos on the bottom of the doors, and in black, together with the painted black lacquered under the mirrors and the smoked headlights and taillights. The rest of the bodywork has been covered in an unmistakable solid yellow, leaving the air intakes and 20 ”wheels – called Carrera S – the mission of offering contrast.

Porsche Cayman S Racing Yellow

Already immersed in the interior, the changes are more perceptible, finding the “Racing Yellow” color in the dials of the instrument panel, in the inserts that make up the multimedia center and central transmission tunnel, and even in the sheets that shape the the four aerators embedded in the center console. To highlight the use of alcantara to upholster the gear knob PDK and the steering wheel. Seats and interior panels use leather in a black tonality.

On a technical level, the Porsche Cayman S Racing Yellow includes the Sport Chrono package, along with the suspension system PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management), torque vector control (Porsche Torque Vectoring), a rear differential with mechanical self-locking and a new revised exhaust section.

Porsche Cayman S Racing Yellow

All this is combined with a very suggestive powertrain with a six-cylinder boxer-type engine, with a displacement of 3,436cc in atmospheric configuration. The maximum power is 325 hp and is transmitted to the rear train through a dual-clutch automatic transmission “PDK” with seven relationships. The 0-100 km / h of the Porsche Cayman S Racing Yellow remains intact, 4.9 seconds.

Porsche Cayman S Racing Yellow


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