Range Rover Sport: all the details of the new generation

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He Range rover sport disembarks on the occasion of New York Lounge. After the new generation of Range Rover, it is time to meet the new Range Rover Sport, the sportiest version of the all terrain British. A new generation that adds the always welcome subtle dash of sportiness to the elegance made off-road, flaunting all the changes that the new generation of Range Rover has brought with it. And there are 40 years of history.

A new Range rover sport that comes with light, but sufficient, nuances in its design to give it a more dynamic appeal. With a not so slight change under its hood that takes it up to 510 horses and changes beyond its mechanics, to take the Range Rover to a new level.

Join us and know all the details and images of the new Range Rover Sport.

Its design: slight changes that really suit the new Range Rover

Range rover sport

He Range rover sport introduced into the design of the new Range Rover a new front bumper, in which the dimensions of the grill are apparently reduced, showing changes mainly in the lower part, where there are new aluminum protections that really fit the front of this new generation.

Side heel pads, nail new takes at the top of the front wings and at the rear a new rear bumper that gives the rear a straighter finish, in which there are also aluminum protections and a double exhaust outlet.

Range rover sport

Subtle changes that serve to significantly improve the whole and that are accompanied in addition to by changes in the bodywork by the chromatic contrast of a roof that now appears in black. For your tires you use measures from 19 to 22 inches.

The Range Rover Sport dimensions are from 4,850 mm long, with a battle of 2,923 mm, a width with mirrors of 2,073 mm and a height of 1,780 mm, with a wading depth of 850 mm and a drag coefficient of 0.34, reaching in the most powerful version a coefficient of 0.37. her weight ranges between 2,115 kg and the 2,398 kg. Is, compared to its predecessor, 62 mm longer, with a 178 mm longer wheelbase, 55 mm more width and up to 420 kg less weight thanks to the new aluminum architecture. Regarding the new Range Rover, it is 45 kg lighter, 149 mm shorter and 55 mm lower, thus emphasizing its sportier image.

Range rover sport

Inside, the new possibility of having a 5 + 2 seat configuration is surprising.

Under the hood: mechanics ranging from 258 hp to 510 hp

Range rover sport

Under the hood of the Range Rover Sport we find four mechanical options, three diesel alternatives and the gasoline option as the most performance aspect. The diesel range starts with the 258-horsepower 3.0L V6, with a torque of 600 Nm, a 0 to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds and a top speed of 209 km / h. Above this, the 292 horsepower 3.0L V6, with a torque also of 600 Nm, an acceleration of 7.2 seconds in the 0 to 100 km / h and a maximum speed also of 209 km / h, optionally, 220 km / h. As the most powerful option in the diesel range we find the 4.4L V8, block that delivers a power of 339 horses, with a torque of 700 Nm and capable of reaching 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds, with a maximum speed of 225 km / h.

Above, as the only gasoline alternative, the 5.0 V8L Supercharged, block that declares 510 horses with a torque of 625 Nm and capable of reaching 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds. Its maximum speed is 220 km / h and optionally it can be raised to 250 km / h. All options have a 8-speed ZF automatic transmission.

There is, of course, all-wheel drive, with a predetermined distribution of 42/58 percent, giving starting priority to the rear axle. It has a central torsen differential.

5 keys to briefly understand the new Range Rover Sport

Range rover sport

  • It is bigger than the previous generation, but lighter (up to 420 kg lighter) and smaller than the Range Rover.
  • For the first time you can count on up to 7 seats.
  • It has 4 engines: 258, 292 and 339 horses in diesel and the V8 supercharged of 510 horses in gasoline.
  • In its Exterior The main distinctive feature is the front and rear bumpers, as well as the contrast of its roof.
  • We can consider the Range Rover Sport as he SUV more off-road … or like the most off-road SUV. Not missing the Terrain Response 2, improving his air suspension, now allowing a greater height at a higher speed.

Say goodbye to the previous generation of Range Rover Sport

Range rover sport

In July 2012, Land Rover made changes to the Range Rover Sport. Slight changes that went through an extra power, which led to the V6 3.0 from 245 to 255 horses. An extra power that was accompanied by a new 8-speed automatic gearbox signed by ZF.

With a less stylized image than that of the new generation. We can call it “more gross” if you prefer. We can see in the outgoing generation the same aesthetic features that the newcomer looks like. Protectors on the front, side skirts, the gills of the front wheel arches …

Range rover sport

With a price that today, when the new generation is being presented, starts from 66,275 euros, we find X engines. The range starts with the TDV6 of 211 horses, followed by the SDV6 of 255 horses and finally the V8 Supercharged 510 horsepower, with a torque of 625 Nm and the ability to take the Range Rover Sport up to 100 km / h in just 6.2 seconds.

Source: Land Rover
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